The following materials will help jurisdictions who wish to implement the LAS with the initial planning process. Some materials have been created by jurisdictions who have implemented the LAS. Others have been created by the LAS Team.


Explains NCWWI, of which LAS is one component

NCWWI Brochure

External Checklist for Jurisdictions:

Provides detail of what to consider prior to holding the LAS in a jurisdiction

LAS Checklist


LAS participants need support to complete the academy. Successful jurisdictions have provided specific types of supports and incentives.

LAS Supervisor Supports & Incentives

Supervisor Recruitment:

LAS implementation decisions include how the academy will be marketed, how a cohort will be recruited, and how to communicate basic expectations to new cohort members.


Illinois: IL LAS application

Indiana: IN LAS application


Colorado Supervisor_Manager Agreement

Recruitment and Marketing:

Colorado:     LAS Brochure 2011

Flyer 2012-2013

Recruitment message

Indiana:        LAS Announcement 2011-2012

Illiniois:         LAS Announcement 10-5-12


The LAS is a 7-9 month blended learning program. There are six on line modules and six live (jurisdiction run) sessions (LAS Learning Network, or LASLN) following each module. Setting up a course calendar will be an early task to complete.

Indiana 2014 timeline

Alabama Schedule 2013

LASLN Calendar

LASLN Rating & Coaching Calendar (9 months)


NCWWI is part way through a second 5 year grant. Substantial evaluation has been accomplished during the first 5 years and continues with NCWWI jurisdictions. Other jurisdictions who choose to implement the LAS on their own will not have access to the NCWWI evaluation component, but may wish to develop their own evaluation.

LAS Evaluation Executive Summary FINAL