Individual Change Initiatives:

During the second module, Foundations of Leadership, participants choose an agency workforce Change Initiative. Jurisdictions provide direction as to appropriate change topics based on agency priorities and child welfare outcomes.

CI Goal Examples

NCWWI Resource Library

CI Samples


Who will need to learn more about the LAS in your jurisdiction in order to support the supervisors who participate? What regular communication will you want to have with supervisors who are making their way through the courses over 7-9 months to help them to stay engaged?

To Directors

LAS info for Office Dir's 2013 (IN)

LAS info for Reg. Mgrs and Dep Dir's (IN)

Info for Dir's on Module-Leading for Results

Ongoing To Participants

Colorado registration letter

Indiana Dir Payne Welcome letter

Indiana Foundations Memo for 2012 Class

Indiana Reminder Email Foundations Module

Indiana  Results module Email to Group

Indiana Goals and Expectations-Coaching

San Fransisco Bay Area Reminder email about Foundations


Many jurisdictions have held a ceremony for their LAS graduates.

Graduation Ideas

Post LAS Support 

Leadership Academy for Supervisors Learning Network (LASLN):

Each course module is followed by a 90 minute (minimum) live session facilitated by the jurisdiction. Outline and PowerPoints for each session are provided. The session outlines may be modified and expanded to meet the needs of the jurisdiction.

Introductory Module LASLN Outline

Introductory Module LASLN PowerPoint

Foundations of Leadership Module Outline LASLN

Foundations of Leadership Module LASLN PowerPoint

Leading in Context Module Outline LASLN

Leading in Context Module LASLN PowerPoint

Leading People Module Outline LASLN

Leading People Module LASLN PowerPoint

Leading for Results Module Outline LASLN

Leading for Results Module LASLN PowerPoint

Leading Systems Change LASLN Outline

Leading Systems Change LASLN PowerPoint

LASLN Support:

Indiana Introductory-Foundations LASLN outline

Indiana Context LASLN outline

Indiana People-Results LASLN outline

Leadership Learning Circle Graduation 

Rating Guide:

There are no grades given to LAS participants. Jurisdictions who wish to add some rigor to their LAS implementation process may choose to utilize this Rating Guide to rate and provide feedback to LAS participants on required worksheet assignments.

Rating Guide

LAS Coaching Toolkit:

Jurisdictions who have resources to implement coaching specific to the LAS for participants will be able to more fully support transfer of learning.

Coaching Toolkit Webpage

Post Graduate Coaching

LAS Post Graduate Coaching Guide

How To Implement the LAS Coaching Guide - Powerpoint

How To Implement the LAS Coaching Guide - Powerpoint Script