Tools of the Trade: Exploring NCWWI Tools and Resources


Start 2017 off right – with the tools you need to make change and strengthen your workforce! Join us for a four-part series of short, informational yet interactive webinars to help you explore NCWWI resources and efficiently locate just the right items to help you make positive change in your teams or organizations.

Each of these 45-minute sessions will help participants use or apply one of the following sets of NCWWI tools:

  1. eResources on MyNCWWI
  2. NCWWI Online Learning Opportunities, including microlearnings
  3. Leadership Development Tool Kit
  4. Workforce Development Planning & Assessment Tool Kit

Recordings, Handouts and Resources:

Session 1: Finding the Right eResources on MyNCWWI

Session 2: Exploring NCWWI Online Learning Opportunities

Session 3: Applying our Leadership Development Tool Kit

Session 4: Using our Workforce Development Planning & Assessment Tool Kit

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