National Webinar: Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A one hour informational webinar to explore our newly released Workforce Development Tool KitDuring the webinar, NCWWI staff will:


  • Describe the 6 key steps in the workforce development assessment and planning process, centered around a continuous quality improvement approach.
  • Demonstrate the series of worksheets to assess and explore strategies within ten core components of workforce development, including: Vision, Mission, Values; Leadership; Job Analysis and Position Requirements; Education and Professional Preparation; Recruitment, Screening and Selection; Incentives and Work Conditions; Professional Development and Training; Organizational Environment; Community Context; and Supervision and Performance Management. 
Following the creation of our Workforce Development Framework (WDF) and brief we recognized the need for an accessible companion product to assist teams in an agency setting undertake the process of comprehensive workforce development. Our new Workforce Planning & Assessment Toolkit, developed following a thorough review of the workforce development literature in the public, private, and corporate sectors, guides teams through a comprehensive approach to workforce development including innovative strategies and practices in recruiting, developing and retaining a committed and competent workforce.



Handouts and Resources: