The complex work of child welfare agencies requires a committed and competent workforce. For a child welfare agency to achieve its mission, it must attract, develop, and retain a skilled and ready workforce. For this reason, the Children’s Bureau funded the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) to take an integrated and comprehensive approach to leadership and workforce development.

To advance its work and provide guidance to the field, NCWWI has developed a comprehensive Workforce Development Framework (WDF). The visual graphic reflects the essential elements of the framework, including key steps in the workforce development assessment and planning process, along with the core components reflecting multiple workforce development strategies. The full WDF includes a comprehensive listing of strategies and associated examples for all eight components, along with the core competencies needed to fully realize and implement the framework.

As a companion to the WDF, NCWWI has created the Workforce Development Planning and Assessment Tool Kit. This tool kit applies the WDF to an agency setting and offers a comprehensive and integrated approach for creating a workforce development roadmap. Click here to view the recording of our one hour Workforce Development Planning and Assessment Tool Kit Informational Session.

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