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Why the Workforce Matters


Child welfare work is not rocket science; it is much harder and more complicated, and often requires life-changing decisions by child welfare professionals. The reality of the challenges of child welfare work—low pay, a ton of paperwork, massive caseloads, and upset parents—masks the motivation of competent, committed, and resilient child welfare staff who believe they can make a difference in a world of troubles and hard knocks. And with persistence and skills, they do make a difference.

The child welfare workforce is an agency’s most important asset and a community’s link to improved outcomes for children, youth and families.  During this month of celebration for workforce development, the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute is honored to serve and support those who tackle the hard work of child welfare and bring hope to children, youth and families in the child welfare system. 




Mary_WDM from National CW Workforce Institute on Vimeo.
Nancy_WDM from National CW Workforce Institute on Vimeo.


NCWWI develops and hosts workforce development resources for child welfare practitioners, supervisors, managers, leaders, students, faculty, researchers, policymakers and other professionals. We hope that during this month you will:


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Help Spread the Word 


WHAT: Help us spread the word about the free resources (toolkits,1-pagers, reference lists, curricula, eLearning & stories from the field) available on 

WHEN: During the month of September, we want you to choose content that you'd like to share because you genuinely feel it would be beneficial to your colleagues/staff/students. 

WHERE: Relevant professional or personal networks on social media, in newsletters and on websites. 

WHY: Anything you share will help empower & support those working in child welfare who work tirelessly towards positive outcomes for children and families. 

HOW: We’ve pre-written content & provided images below to make it turnkey. We're also tweeting/posting multiple times a day on our social media channels, so feel free to RT or share those posts.

For printing: Download the flyer about Workforce Development Month and/or Download the flyer about the Film Festival & Twitter Chat. Both can be printed in color or greyscale.

For newsletters: September is Workforce Development Month and the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute will be posting resources, toolkits & stories daily to support you in the hard work you do to support families. Learn more at

For social media: Feel free to edit as necessary to meet the needs of your audience. When tweeting, please replace 'child welfare' with #childwelfare. Thanks in advance for sharing!

  • One-stop-shop for resources, tool kits & stories to support the child welfare workforce: #CWworkforce
  • How can you support the child welfare workforce? Start here: #CWworkforce
  • The child welfare workforce does so much to support families in crisis. Workforce development is key: #CWworkforce
  • Caseworkers are first responders. Resources to support them: #CWworkforce
  • Working in child welfare can be overwhelming. Share information, tips & resources: #CWworkforce
  • Working on a change initiative in child welfare? See what's working for other agencies: #CWworkforce


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Film Festival/Twitter Chat

Get inspired by leaders in agencies and universities who took an innovative approach to improve the organizational culture, support the child welfare workforce and achieve better outcomes for the families they serve.

Click the image below to download the Film Festival & Twitter Chat Tool Kit that explains how to host your own viewing party and how to submit questions to the producers, directors, and participants. Questions will be answered during our Twitter chat on Wednesday, September 27 at Noon EDT.

Twitter chats are really easy to particpate in so please don't be intimiated. Here's how.


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