Join us to celebrate Child Welfare Workforce Development Month throughout the month of September!

For child welfare programs, it's a time to focus on how to better support and recognize your most important asset - the workforce.

For universities and colleges with social work programs, it’s an opportunity to share the highlights of a career in child welfare and recruit students to participate in specialized child welfare programs that you offer.

For child welfare professionals, it's an opportunity to get refocused on the heart work. This is about remembering why you do this difficult work; learning new skills that will improve your impact and resilience; and finding ways to lift and support those around you.

For social work students, it’s an opportunity to learn more about child welfare practice and connect with the heart of this work.



We're honored that you are in this field with us and hope that you will carry all of the messages of appreciation from this year's Child Welfare Worker Recognition Event,, with you as you continue to work on behalf of children, youth & families.


Child welfare work is not rocket science; it is much harder and more complicated and often requires life-changing decisions by child welfare professionals. The real challenges of child welfare work - low pay, a ton of paperwork, high caseloads, and upset parents - mask the motivation of competent, committed, and resilient child welfare staff who believe they can make a difference. And with persistence and skills, they do make a difference. The workforce is a child welfare program's most important asset and a community's link to improved outcomes for children, youth, and families. During this month of celebration, we ask that child welfare programs review our highlighted workforce development resources and identify next steps for determining effective workforce and evidence-based strategies that will lead to the improved health and support of your workforce.


We know that you have limited time - that's why we developed convenient, free ways for you to continue your professional development. The easiest way to get started is to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter so you can conveniently receive information about new resources, best practices in the field, and self-care tips. Also check out our 1-pager, 6 Ways to Keep Learning, to discover additional tools that can enhance your impact. 


During the month of September, all our social media posts will be child welfare workforce-related resources and we hope you'll share those resources that you feel would be beneficial to your colleagues/staff/students. Visit our Web page to get details.