ArapahoeCountySM 224 of 237Across this country, child welfare workers are supporting families who may struggle with violence, racism, mental health, trauma, substance use, homelessness, and poverty. They find the work of engaging families and children deeply compelling and meaningful. And continue to do this hard work even with its many challenges – low pay, long hours, safety risks, heaps of paperwork, traumatized children and parents, and public scrutiny. They believe they can make a difference, and they do!

The child welfare system works every day to become more prevention-focused to preserve and strengthen families. We recognize that these community issues cannot be solved by one entity. It requires concerted, collective efforts among all stakeholders – the judicial system, resource parents (e.g., kinship, foster, or adoptive parents), former child welfare-involved families and youth, non-profits, health care, education, and child care, amongst others – to build systems of family support, and community-based child protection.