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NCWWI Leadership Academy: Cross-site final evaluation report, pre-training to 6-month follow-upEvaluators from NCWWI conducted a longitudinal assessment of Leadership Academy participant experience (satisfaction, relevance, knowledge gains and application, change project, …, , , , , , , , , , 2023
NCWWI Leadership AcademyThe NCWWI Leadership Academy provides supervisors and managers with opportunities to become skilled in leading change, fostering collaborations, implementing results-oriented …, , , , , , , , , , , 2020
Dear Leaders ToolThis resource includes starting points for child welfare leaders who seek to bring family voice and power into the system., , , , , , , , 2022
System Transformation Through Community Leadership: Strategies for building effective partnerships with Black and Brown communitiesChapin Hall has compiled key findings into five system transformation equity bulletins and a toolkit to make lessons from the …, , , , , , , , , ,
Learning & Living Leadership Tool KitThis tool kit is your opportunity to develop and practice your leadership skills so that you can positively impact children, …, , , , 2022
Leadership Competency FrameworkThis document provides the NCWWI competency framework, which reflects the multi-dimensional nature of the child welfare field and the corresponding …, , 2011
Learning, Leading, Changing and Making a DifferenceThe video provides an overview of NCWWI through the perspectives of NCWWI’s diverse partners. It explains how NCWWI’s workforce development …, , 2014
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Agency LeadershipThis webpage provides resources that describe aspects of leadership and leadership strategies that can improve agency effectiveness and impact the …2019
Learning & Living the NCWWI Leadership Model (1-page Summary)This document summarizes a NCWWI webinar that provides an in-depth exploration of the NCWWI’s Leadership Model for child welfare. Link …, 2013
Strengths Based Teams (4 minute microlearning)The path to great leadership starts with a deep understanding of the strengths you bring to the table. Since no …, , 2017
Open to All Voices (4 minute microlearning)Working effectively with a variety of stakeholders impacted by a change requires a diverse set of competencies which is why …, 2017
Child welfare matters: Leading Adaptively in Child WelfareThis issue focuses on integrating the concepts and tools of adaptive leadership into training and technical assistance (TTA) work, exercising …2013
Adaptive Leadership: Practical ApplicationThis 90-minute webinar explains the diagnostic framework for determining the adaptive challenge and how to mobilize the system to implement …, 2013
An Example of Leadership Transfer of Learning Through the NCWWI Toolkit: Learning and Living LeadershipThis document provides a series of activities to cultivate the leadership competencies from the NCWWI Leadership Model and Competency Framework …2014
Bridging the Gap: A Learning Activity on Effective Multidisciplinary CollaborationThis paper highlights a learning activity that demonstrates the principles of collaboration and the impact it has within the field …2014
Competency-based Leadership DevelopmentThis article describes a competency-based leadership development program in child welfare that has demonstrated effectiveness by developing a comprehensive competency …2014
Training and Development in Human Services: Special Issue on Leadership DevelopmentThis special issue of Training and Development in Human Services focuses on leadership development and includes articles on competency-based leadership …2014
Leading in Permanent Whitewater (7 minute microlearning)Change is constant in our environment and in child welfare, in particular. Just under 8 minutes, this Quickbit describes the …, , , , , 2015
Think Politically (2.5 minute microlearning)This presentation explores the impact of implicit bias on organizational functioning, training design and delivery, and the broader organizational culture …, , , 2016
Giving Work Back (3.5 minute microlearning)Heifetz and his co-authors identified seven major behaviors that can help you address challenges successfully and manage change. This microlearning …, , , 2016
7 Behaviors of Adaptive Leadership (5 minute microlearning)This microlearning (5 minutes) explains the difference between technical and adaptive challenges, and describes the seven major behaviors identified by …, , 2016
Adaptive LeadershipThis course explains the difference between adaptive challenges and technical work and provides opportunities to practice applying these concepts. It …, , , , 2016
Regulating Distress (3 minute microlearning)his microlearning focuses on one of the seven behaviors of adaptive leadership – regulating distress. Completing this course will develop …, , , , 2016
Orchestrating Conflict (2 minute microlearning)Heifetz and his co-authors identified seven major behaviors that can help you address challenges successfully and manage change. This microlearning …, , , 2016
Get on the Balcony (3 minute microlearning)This three minute microlearning course provides strategies for “getting on the balcony” which is one of the seven behaviors of …, , , , 2016
Your Guide to Holding Steady (3.5 minute microlearning)This microlearning (3 1/2 minutes) explains ways to hold steady, one of the seven behaviors of adaptive leadership, during times …, , , , 2016