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Why Coaching is Worth Your InvestmentThis infographic describes why it is important for child welfare programs to invest in coaching to support employees and their …, , , , , 2023
Thriving Families Safer Children Equitable Compensation Taskforce ReportThe Thriving Families Safer Children (TFSC) movement includes 22 sites nationwide as well as lived expert leaders and five national …, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2023
Supporting Quality Contacts Through Supervisor-Worker CoachingExplore coaching steps and tips supervisors can use to help workers strengthen skills and meet goals. Offers one-on-one coaching techniques …,
Coaching in Child WelfareUnderstand the role of coaching in supporting workers, including coaching functions, effectiveness, models, and strategies.,
State-Tribal Partnerships: Coaching to ICWA ComplianceProvides resources for state and tribal cofacilitators to conduct a three-day in-person training designed to build collective understanding of tribal …, ,
Leadership Academy Coaching MaterialsNCWWI has found that coaching leads to higher competency gains and supports the application of leadership skills in the workplace. …, , , 2022
Coaching For Success DemonstrationExplore the use of coaching within the context of child welfare supervision and casework practice to improve staff confidence and …, , , 2018
Supporting the Virtual Workforce: Coaching RemotelyCoaching in the child welfare workforce often happens face-to-face or in context of daily work activities. With our shift to …, , , 2020
NCWWI Leadership Academy: Cross-site final evaluation report, pre-training to 6-month follow-upEvaluators from NCWWI conducted a longitudinal assessment of Leadership Academy participant experience (satisfaction, relevance, knowledge gains and application, change project, …, , , , , , , , , , 2023
Coaching: Working with ResistanceThis microlearning will explain the Leadership Academy’s approach to coaching and working with resistance within your work environment., , , 2021
Coaching: What’s In It For Me?This 3-minute microlearning will explain the Leadership Academy’s approach to coaching and its role in your leadership development and the …, , , 2021
NCWWI Leadership AcademyThe NCWWI Leadership Academy provides supervisors and managers with opportunities to become skilled in leading change, fostering collaborations, implementing results-oriented …, , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2020
Family Engagement PlaybookA collection of research-based actionable resources to strengthen individual competencies and organizational support for meaningful family engagement., , , , , , , , 2019
Improving the Child Welfare Workforce Through Training: Common Questions and Evidence-Informed Answers from the QIC-WDTraining is often the first intervention child welfare agencies use to address critical workforce development issues. This QIC-Tip aims to …, , , , 2021
Umbrella Summary: CoachingAn Umbrella summary of coaching and its value by the Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development., , , 2021
Behavior Modeling TrainingAn overview of Behavior Modeling Training (BMT which can be used to train a variety of skills, from interpersonal skills …, , , 2021
How Peer Support Can Reduce Burnout and Improve Worker Well-beingThis infographic describes how peer support can reduce burnout and improve worker well-being, including how organizations can champion peer support …, , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Learning & Living Leadership Tool KitThis tool kit is your opportunity to develop and practice your leadership skills so that you can positively impact children, …, , , , 2022
How do some child protection agencies approach coaching?The following jurisdictional snapshots spotlight 12 different state, county, and national models and approaches to coaching child protection agency staff., 2021
Case Management Supervision and Coaching PackageThe Case Management Supervision and Coaching Training Package was created to increase case management supervisors’ confidence, capacity and support to …2018
Coaching Webinar SeriesA five-part webinar series to discuss and share the positive impacts of coaching in human services hosted by the Northern …2019
Top Ten Reasons You (and Your Organization) Need Coaching More Than Ever Right NowThis document, developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, explains why choaching is an important strategy used by organizations to support their …2020
Tips for Coaching RemotelyThis document provides several tips for how to coach someone remotely., , , 2020
Coaching for Competence and ConfidenceCoaching is a technique that bridges the gap between research-informed training and every-day practice. This article explains the evidence and …2018
Coaching to Support Solution-based Casework in Child WelfareThis webinar describes solution-based casework coaching at Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services, Children’s Administration. Presenters highlight the …, 2012
Peer Coach Manual (Indiana)This manual provides a brief overview for the Peer Coach (PC) position within the Indiana Child Welfare Practice Model, and …2011
Peer Coach Procedure Guide (MI)The guide provides information regarding the Peer Coach role, the observation process, and how to provide feedback utilizing the MiTEAM …2013
CFPM Training and Coaching: Best Practices and Lessons LearnedThis document shares important best practices for training and coaching of a practice model. 2016
Coaching in SupervisionThis resource provides handouts that explore the elements of creating a learning culture, integrating coaching into supervisory practice, and identifying …, 2016
Child Welfare Supervision: Coaching ConversationsThis presentation explores the elements of creating a learning culture, integrating coaching into supervisory practice, and identifying strategies for successful …2016
Coaching StrategiesCoaching is a critical strategy in transfer of learning and implementation of change. This one hour module offers supervisors the opportunity …, 2014
Supervisor Training: Coaching for Successful Practice Training Manual (Indiana)This training manual builds on the coaching, mentoring, and modelling tools learned in Supervisor Core to emphasize strategies that build …2011
CFPM Training and Coaching: Best Practices and Lessons LearnedThis document shares important best practices for training and coaching of a practice mode2016
Coaching in Child WelfareThis issue brief supports child welfare administrators, managers, and supervisors in understanding the potential role of coaching and considerations for …2017
UC-Davis: Coaching in the Field of Child WelfareThis website for coaching in the field of child welfare provides access to information on how to learn and utilize …2014
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Peer SupervisionThis webpage provides resources that describe recent efforts to provide new child welfare workers with peer support, supervision, or mentoring …2008
NRC-OI Supervisor Training Project 2011: Information on Mentoring & Coaching Programs for Child Welfare SupervisorsThis document provides information on what states have been doing to train and support child welfare supervisors, along with available …2012
Basics of Coaching: A Brief Review of Recent LiteratureThis literature review describes the definition and benefits of coaching, when coaching is an effective tool, the role of the …2010
Coaching in the Field of Child Welfare ToolkitThis toolkit guides the development and implementation of formal, professional coaching within the child welfare context; presents many examples and …2014
Coaching VideosThis site provides three videos from The Coaching Toolkit for Child Welfare Practice DVD and one from The CLEAR Coaching …2017
Improving Employee Performance through Coaching (North Carolina)This issue of Practice Notes describes the importance of child welfare supervisors, managers, and directors use of coaching to enhance …2008
Coaching: A Global Study of Successful PracticesThis study explores the use of coaching in order to determine its popularity, its association with higher performance, the correlation …2018