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Think of UsThis organization is dedicated to transforming the child welfare system to center lived experiences. They operate as a research and …, , , , , , , , , , , 2023
What Works Cities CertificationThe What Works Cities is a certification that city governments can receive for making strides toward improving quality of life …, , , , 2023
New Tool to Assess Survey Data for Racial BiasThis tool provides a clear, systematic method for researchers to determine whether survey data they plan to analyze were collected …, , , , , , 2021
2022 Signature Report, Investing in Equity: Sustaining hope for children and familiesCasey Family Programs recognizes that the safety and well-being of children must be seen in the context of their families, …, , , , , , , , , , 2022
9 Proven Strategies to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Your WorkplaceThis article lists 9 ways to improve DEIB within your workplace., , , , , , , , , , 2022
Family First Toolkit Part 3: Evaluating & Improving QualityThe tools in this kit align with the second phase of Family First Implementation: evaluating and improving quality. These tools …, , , , , , , , 2022
QIC-WD Three Keys to ImplementationAccording to QIC-WD sites the keys to good implementation are to slow down, gain buy-in, and build a strong implementation …, , ,
Connecting HR and Child Welfare DataChild welfare and human resources (HR) data need to be connected to answer important workforce questions. This video highlights some …, , , , ,
Organizational Change in ActionThe Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services worked with the QIC-WD to address organizational culture and climate. This video highlights …, , ,
Leadership Academy Evaluation GuideThis guide provides an overview of evaluation activities and resources that a state, county, tribal, or private child welfare agency …, , , , , 2022
Advancing Equity and Inclusion Through the Child and Family Services ReviewsThis document provides guidelines and suggestions for how to integrate a focus on equity and inclusion into the stages and …, , , , , 2022
Evaluation Plan Development Tip SheetThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services designed this tip sheet to assist child welfare professionals in developing strong …2019
Using Child Welfare Administrative Data in the Permanency Innovations Initiative EvaluationThis brief discusses the use of administrative data in the Permanency Innovations Initiative (PII) evaluation. The brief begins by defining …2016
What’s the Difference? Constructing Meaningful Comparison GroupsThis video explains why it is important to use comparison groups to identify problems and understand whether practices and programs …2014
Who Cares about Data Sharing: Making the Case to the CourtsThis video discusses the importance of courts and child welfare agencies utilizing practical performance measurement and data sharing to avoid …2014
Working Together: The Paloma-Welleseley Guide to Participatory Program EvaluationThis guide provides a framework and process that support a participatory evaluation from beginning to end. The information and data …2010
On Equal Footing: The Importance of Baseline Equivalence in Measuring Program EffectivenessThis brief explains the role of baseline equivalence when measuring a home visiting program’s effectiveness, how to measure similarity of …2014
Permanency Planning Today – CQIThis issue of Permanency Planning Today provides basic foundational information on evidence-based practice and points the readership toward resources and …2014
Policy Matters: Setting and Measuring Benchmarks for State PoliciesThis paper puts forth an approach to setting benchmarks for a state policy agenda to encourage stronger family relationships. The …2009
Quality Assurance Review of the Division of Children, Youth and Families: New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth and FamiliesThis report examines how well laws, policies, and practices protect children who come to the attention of the New Hampshire’s …2016
Quality Assurance Review of the Division of Children, Youth and Families: New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth and FamiliesThis report examines how well laws, policies, and practices protect children who come to the attention of the New Hampshire’s …2016
Quality Service Review: Protocol for Review of Current Status of Children & Families & the Performance of Key System Functions (Tennessee)This document is designed for use in a case-based Quality Service Review (QSR) process and is used for conducting a …2011
Success Beyond 18: Re-Examining the Foster Care Review Process: Extended Foster Care as a Catalyst for Improved Practices and Better OutcomesThis paper focuses on the role of courts in establishing case oversight and review processes that include youth in developmentally …2013
The National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being (NSCAW): Implications for Child Welfare EvaluationsThis video illustrates ways that the NSCAW- which provides nationally representative, longitudinal data on children and families that have been …2014
The Quality Services Review ProcessThis training course provides an overview of the Quality Service Review (QSR) process, the QSR Protocol, and the responsibilities of …2016
Monitoring Child Welfare Programs – Performance Improvement in a CQI ContextThis paper describes a continuous quality improvement (CQI) process in which the central elements are outcomes, baseline data, goal-setting, a …2007
In Pursuit of Better Outcomes – Putting CQI in North Carolina’s Child Welfare ToolboxThis issue of Training Matters provides an overview of the state’s system of CQI, REAP (Reaching for Accountability and Excellence …2012
Lessons from the Field: Assessing and Improving CQI Systems in Child WelfareThis issue of Child Welfare Matters profiles a CQI assessment approach the NRCOI designed and implemented in partner­ship with State …2014
Logic Model BuilderThis webpage helps users create logic models for Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention/Family Support and Postadoption Services Programs, guiding the …2019
Measurement Matters: How Should My Program Measure Changes in Child Well-Being?This video presents guidance about issues to consider when attempting to measure changes in well-being outcomes for children and families …2014
Measuring Child Welfare Outcomes: A Compendium of Standardized InstrumentsThis document serves as a compendium of common child-, caregiver-, family-, and organization-level instruments that have been used by discretionary …2015
Child Welfare Information Gateway: Qualitative Case ReviewThis webpage contains resources describing the general process of qualitative case review and includes State and local examples that describe …2019
Child Welfare Outcomes 2010-2013 Report to CongressThis report to Congress provides information on the performance of states in seven outcome categories and also includes data on …2016
Collaborative & Effective Evaluation in Tribal Communities: The Roles and Voices of Key StakeholdersThis video describes the roles of key stakeholders to create a new narrative for evaluation in Tribal communities and reflects …2014
Continuous Quality Improvement: FRIENDS Online Learning Center CourseThis training builds on the basics about Continuous Quality Improvement and what agencies and staff are doing towards creating a …, 2009
Cost Analysis in Program EvaluationThis two part video discusses how cost analysis can be a helpful when performing program evaluation, and reviews steps in …2014
Counting is Not enough: Investing in Quality Service ReviewsThis report examines the practices of more than 20 jurisdictions, gathers insight from national experts and presents recommendations for improving …2011
Creating a New Narrative: Collaborative and Effective Evaluation in Tribal CommunitiesThis video describes historical experiences of intrusive research and judgmental evaluations that have caused harm to many American Indian and …2014
Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) E-Training PlatformThis online training is designed to provide state review teams, partners, and stakeholders with information relevant to the onsite reviews …2016
Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) Round 3 ResourcesThis webpage offers the resources on Round 3 of the CFSRs for states participating in the process.2016
A Guide to Build Capacity for Child Welfare Using the CQI ProcessThis report discusses guidelines for increasing the capacity of child welfare agencies through the use of their continuous CQI systems. …2014
Building Evaluation Capacity: Collecting & Using Data in Cross-project Evaluations (Guide II)These guides addresses data collection, reporting, and use, examining ways to build data-collection capacity among projects; rationales, sources, and measures …2008
Casework and Evaluation: Learning From My Success StoryThis video features a caseworker who explains the unexpected role that evaluation played in delivering the services and supports that …2014
10 Practices: A Child Welfare Leader’s Desk Guide to Building a High-Performing AgencyThis two-part guide presents (1) targeted information on 10 practices, including 10 outcomes and 15 measures that are arguably the …2015
Findings and Resources from an Evaluation of Training and Technical AssistanceThis webpage summarizes a five year evaluation of two groups of Training and Technical Assistance providers –regional Child Welfare Implementation …2015
Learning from Practice: Evaluation and Improvement Science SyllabusThis guide focuses on the development and use of the program logic model, and provides an orientation to the underlying …2015