Course Category: Cultural Responsiveness

Cultural Openness

Cultural Openness An important dimension of cultural humility is to maintain an openness to the cultural differences. This short (3 minute) module provides an overview of the ways we can learn from the people with whom we interact, reserving judgment, and bridging the cultural divide between our perspectives. Click here

Cultural Identity and Situational Factors

Cultural Identity and Situational Factors Knowing ourselves helps us to recognize our personal biases and stereotypes and to see the world from the perspective of others. This short (7 minute) module, also explores two situational factors that affect our ever-changing sense of cultural identities: saliency and intersectionality.

Cultural Humility Strategies

Cultural Humility Strategies (60 minutes) Supervisors have a key role to play in promoting cultural responsiveness and leveraging diversity. This one hour module offers concrete strategies to help promote recognition and valuing of cultural differences at the interpersonal and agency level.