Workforce Development

Screening Strategies

Screening Strategies Once you have a pool of candidates to choose from, what tools are available to help you screen them for appropriateness to the job? This one hour module provides competency-based strategies to help you choose the right candidate. [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”109″ item_name=”Screening Strategies” button=”large” button_text=”Open Course Module” width=”90%” height=”800px” slider_script=”nivo” nivo_transition=”fade” href=””] Download: […]

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Coaching Strategies

Coaching Strategies Coaching is a critical strategy in transfer of learning and implementation of change. This one hour module offers supervisors the opportunity to improve their knowledge of coaching and the role of the supervisor in the coaching process. Interactive exercises are designed to increase knowledge and skills with specific coaching strategies. [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”106″ item_name=”Open to All Voices”

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Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment Strategies Finding qualified workers who are likely to stay is a major challenge in child welfare. This one hour module shares some specific strategies and examples from other states that can make your recruitment efforts more successful.   [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”108″ item_name=”Recruitment Strategies” button=”large” button_text=”Open Course Module” width=”90%” height=”800px” slider_script=”nivo” nivo_transition=”fade” href=””] Download: Recruitment

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Performance Management In Child Welfare

Performance Managment In Child Welfare (5 minutes) The quality of supervision, clear performance expectations and a coherent, consistent performance management system are key factors in promoting commitment and retention of staff. At just under five minutes, this short module describes the importance of making performance management an ongoing process and illustrates the parallel between performance

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Creating a Learning Culture

Creating a Learning Culture (5.5 minutes) Helping staff grow professionally is a key workforce development strategy. This includes both a comprehensive training infrastructure and promoting a learning culture where continuous learning is encouraged. This module includes a self-assessment and strategies to promote a learning culture within an agency. [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”116″ item_name=”Creating a Learning Culture”

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Dealing With the Effects of Secondary Trauma

Dealing With the Effects of Secondary Trauma (4 minutes) Secondary trauma is a predictable and frequent occurrence in child welfare. This short module, just under four minutes in length, describes the important role of leaders in recognizing and intervening in the experience of secondary trauma. [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”124″ item_name=”Secondary Trauma” button=”medium” title=”Secondary Trauma” button_text=”Open Course

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Creating a Supportive Culture

Creating a Supportive Culture (4 minutes) People are motivated to stay on the job when their basic safety and security needs are met, and when they feel supported, both personally and in their work. This four minute interactive module describes strategies that leaders at all levels can implement to create a more supportive environment. [vc_snc

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Selecting the Best

Selecting the Best (5 minutes) Competency-based, standardized interviewing processes provide insight into candidates’ potential “fit” with the job. Hiring procedures that minimize cumbersome processes and lengthy delays are also important strategies. This five-minute module provides information on the screening and selection process, the importance of focusing on entry-level competencies, and the steps in a screening

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