Workforce Development

Dealing With the Effects of Secondary Trauma

Dealing With the Effects of Secondary Trauma (4 minutes) Secondary trauma is a predictable and frequent occurrence in child welfare. This short module, just under four minutes in length, describes the important role of leaders in recognizing and intervening in the experience of secondary trauma. [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”124″ item_name=”Secondary Trauma” button=”medium” title=”Secondary Trauma” button_text=”Open Course […]

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Workforce Development Framework Part 1

Workforce Development Framework -Part 1 This is the second of three online learning modules to provide NCWWI’s research-based foundational knowledge, language, frameworks and approaches to strengthen leadership efforts and effectiveness. This module provides an orientation to the re-designed NCWWI Workforce Development Framework with a focus on the process of implementation.

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Understanding Job Requirements

Understanding Job Requirements (3.5 minutes) Clear information about the job requirements is a fundamental building block in implementing a workforce development system.  This interactive module demonstrates how job analysis and position requirements provide critical information for all of the elements in the Workforce Development Framework. [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”134″ item_name=”Understanding Job Requirements” button=”medium” title=”Understanding Job Requirements”

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Attracting the Best

Attracting the Best Attracting the Best: People feel more competent and are likely to stay when they have realistic expectations about what the job entails and when there is a good match between the requirements of the job and their own capabilities. This five minute module provides information on effective recruitment strategies that begin with a

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Selecting the Best

Selecting the Best (5 minutes) Competency-based, standardized interviewing processes provide insight into candidates’ potential “fit” with the job. Hiring procedures that minimize cumbersome processes and lengthy delays are also important strategies. This five-minute module provides information on the screening and selection process, the importance of focusing on entry-level competencies, and the steps in a screening

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Creating a Supportive Culture

Creating a Supportive Culture (4 minutes) People are motivated to stay on the job when their basic safety and security needs are met, and when they feel supported, both personally and in their work. This four minute interactive module describes strategies that leaders at all levels can implement to create a more supportive environment. [vc_snc

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Strengths Based

Strengths Based Teams The path to great leadership starts with a deep understanding of the strengths you bring to the table. Since no one can be good at it all, learn how to build a strengths-based team (4 min) so you have the strengths together to get the job done. [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”103″ item_name=”Strengths Based

Strengths Based
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