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Coaching: What’s In It For Me?

Coaching: What’s In It For Me? This 3-minute microlearning will explain the Leadership Academy’s approach to coaching and its role in your leadership development and the execution of a change project.

Coaching Strategies

Coaching Strategies Coaching is a critical strategy in transfer of learning and implementation of change. This one hour module offers supervisors the opportunity to improve their knowledge of coaching and the role of the supervisor in the coaching process. Interactive exercises are designed to increase knowledge and skills with specific coaching strategies.

Coaching: Working with Resistance

Coaching: Working with Resistance This microlearning will explain the Leadership Academy’s approach to coaching and working with resistance within your work environment.

7 Behaviors of Adaptive Leadership

7 Behaviors of Adaptive Leadership Do you solve the same problems over and over again? Learn how technical problems and adaptive challenges need to be approached differently and the behaviors that will help you manage change successfully. Takes just 5 minutes to complete.

Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment Strategies Finding qualified workers who are likely to stay is a major challenge in child welfare. This one hour module shares some specific strategies and examples from other states that can make your recruitment efforts more successful.

Giving Work Back

Giving Work Back ( 3 1/2 minutes) Heifetz and his co-authors identified seven major behaviors that can help you address challenges successfully and manage change (see #1 below). This microlearning will focus on one of those – giving work back to the people.

Leading in Permanent Whitewater

Leading in Permanent Whitewater Change is constant in our environment and in child welfare, in particular. Just under 8 minutes, this microlearning describes the characteristics of permanent whitewater and offers strategies for navigating these rough waters; how people can keep the vision alive and stand in the gap of the creative tension between the vision …

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Performance Management In Child Welfare

Performance Managment In Child Welfare (5 minutes) The quality of supervision, clear performance expectations and a coherent, consistent performance management system are key factors in promoting commitment and retention of staff. At just under five minutes, this short module describes the importance of making performance management an on-going process and illustrates the parallel between performance …

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Think Politically

Think Politically (2 1/2 minutes) This microlearning explains ways to think politically, one of the seven behaviors of adaptive leadership.