Attracting the Best

Attracting the Best Attracting the Best: People feel more competent and are likely to stay when they have realistic expectations about what the job entails and when there is a good match between the requirements of the job and their own capabilities. This five minute module provides information on effective recruitment strategies that begin with a […]

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Partnership for Sustainable Change

Partnership for Sustainable Change Research indicates that change is not sustainable when we do not meaningfully engage those most impacted by a change (even when it’s being developed to improve services for them). Take this 12-minute course to learn 24 strategies that contribute to effective partnerships. [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”8″ item_name=”Partnership for Sustainable Change” button=”large” button_text=”Open

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Change and the Roles People Play

Change and the Roles People Play At just over 2 minutes, this short course provides an overview of the different stages people buy in and effective engagement strategies for each.   [vc_snc embed_type=”lightbox” item_id=”96″ item_name=”Change and the Roles People Play” button=”large” button_text=”Open Course Module” width=”90%” height=”800px” slider_script=”nivo” nivo_transition=”fade” href=””] Download: Handout (fillable PDF) Optional resource:

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