Tier II

Module 3:
Leading in Context

Leading in Context Welcome to Leading in Context Learn how to explain the dimensions of a systems perspective and think politically to address internal and external issues, as well as develop internal and external partnerships. This course also covers strategies for an external awareness of national policies, trends, and the organization’s impact on the community.

Module 2:
Leading Change

Leading Change Welcome to Leading Change In this module, we will focus on phased implementation, the five stages of change, using a racial equity lens, transformational leadership, and effective communication.

Module 4:
Leading for Results

Leading for Results Welcome to Leading for Results Leaders must ensure organizations have effective internal management systems and that the organizational culture values data analysis to inform decision-making and demonstrate the achievement of outcomes.

Module 5:
Leading People

Leading People Welcome to Leading People In this module, we will focus on the skills necessary to lead the workforce through change implementation.

Introduction to Leadership and Workforce Development

Welcome to Introduction to Leadership and Workforce Development This course is a series of three modules that together provide research-based foundational knowledge, language, frameworks, and approaches to strengthen leadership effectiveness in child welfare. The first module, Leadership Foundations, describes NCWWI’s Leadership Competency Framework and explores different leadership styles that can help leaders navigate the complexity …

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Module 1: Fundamentals of Leadership

Fundamentals of Leadership Learn how to address persistent complex challenges and acquire skills for implementation of sustainable systems change.