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9 Proven Strategies to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Your WorkplaceThis article lists 9 ways to improve DEIB within your workplace., , , , , , , , , , 2022
Cultural Humility Strategies(60 minutes) Supervisors have a key role to play in promoting cultural responsiveness and leveraging diversity. This one hour module …, ,
Assessing Trauma in American Indian/Alaska Native Parents as an ICWA Active Effort: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis summary examines the correlation between American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) parents who are involved in ICWA cases, their exposure to …, , , , , , 2023
Building Bridges for Every Child: Reception, Care and Services to Support Unaccompanied Children in the United StatesThis report offers recommendations for strengthening child-sensitive reception, care, and services for unaccompanied children in the United States. Drawing on …, , , , , 2021
The Indian Child Welfare Act – What We Need to Know on “Active Efforts”A video sharing the history of ICWA as well as the present state of ICWA. Practice considerations and practice examples …, , , , , , , 2022
Integrating Positive Youth Development and Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Approaches Across the Child Welfare and Justice SystemsThis paper explores why systems need a new emphasis on Positive Youth Development (PYD) approaches that incorporate racial equity and …, , , , , , 2022
System Transformation Through Community Leadership: Strategies for building effective partnerships with Black and Brown communitiesChapin Hall has compiled key findings into five system transformation equity bulletins and a toolkit to make lessons from the …, , , , , , , , , ,
Elevating Culturally Specific Evidence-Based PracticesThis brief provides an overview of ten culturally specific programs and two culturally responsive interventions, the evidence for each, and …, , , , , , , , 2021
Family Engagement PlaybookA collection of research-based actionable resources to strengthen individual competencies and organizational support for meaningful family engagement., , , , , , , , 2019
Promoting Antiracist Child Welfare Practice: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis 1-pager summarizes a study where authors interviewed 16 regional- and state-level public child welfare agency administrators representing 13 states …, , , , , , , , , 2022
OnboardingThe Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians worked with the QIC-WD to develop an onboarding program. This video highlights the experience …, , , , , , , , ,
Workforce Supports for LGBT EmployeesAn overview of organizational policies and practices that are thought to improve the work experiences of LGBT employees and foster …, , , , , 2020
Generations in the WorkplaceAn overview of generational differences in the workplace and strategies organizations can take to address it., , , 2021
Cultural IntelligenceAn overview of cultural intelligence, the importance of it, and what contributes to it., , , , 2021
Using a Culturally Responsive Leadership Framework: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThe authors developed a culturally responsive leadership framework (CRLF) to address context, distributive leadership, and cultural responsiveness. Examining these elements …, , , , , , , , , , , , , 2022
Students’ Experiences of an Anishinaabe-Centered Social Work Education ProgramThis article, which is the second in a series of three, examines the social work education program at the Center …, , , , , , , , 2022
Learning, Leading, Changing: Engaging Emerging Leaders as a Retention StrategyHeld on May 26, 2022, this learning exchange focused on how universities and agencies engage social work students and graduates …, , , , , , , 2022
American Indian/Alaska Natives Curriculum Content Evaluation GuideIn keeping with the Council on Social Work Education’s competency-based education standards and social work competencies this curriculum content guide …, , , , , , 2022
Learning, Leading, Changing: Collaborating to Enhance ICWA Knowledge and PracticeHeld on March 21, 2022, this learning exchange focused on enhancing knowledge and understanding of ICWA and tribal sovereignty through …, , , , , , 2022
The Indian Self-Determination Act and Social Work PracticeThis infographic describes how the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA) applies to child welfare social work practice with …, , , , , , 2022
Parenting in Racially and Culturally Diverse Adoptive FamiliesThis fact sheet provides information to help families support their child in developing a healthy racial and cultural identity and …2021
Maintaining Cultural ConnectionsIdentity is one of the seven lifelong core issues in adoption. Connecting with cultural roots is crucial for a child’s …2020
Preparing Families for Racially and Culturally Diverse AdoptionsSome families need additional information and support to help them raise children from a different racial or cultural background. These …, 2020
Reflecting on Racial Equity and InclusionThese short (one minute or less) videos provide reflection questions and link to a racial equity and inclusion resource. We …, , , , , 2022
Key Takeaways from Building a Resilient Workforce to Address Trauma and Enhance Well-being: Connecting to Cultural WaysThis document lists the key takeaways identified by participants in the NCWWI Discussion Series event, Building a Resilient Workforce to …, 2021
Racism as Trauma: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document examines results from a study exploring the experiences of 13 Indigenous child protection practitioners in Queensland, Australia, working …, 2021
Intersectionality in Child Welfare InfographicThis infographic describes intersectionality in child welfare, why racial equity is not enough, and how to improve the system for …, 2021
Tool for Building Stamina in Anti-Racism Practice: Moving from Protection to ConnectionThis Tool for Building Stamina (inspired by Robin DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility* and grounded in an understanding of the biology …2020
Diverse Populations and CommunitiesChild welfare professionals across the country work with children, youth, and families from varied backgrounds and communities with their own …2021
Cultural ResponsivenessResources to help workers, agencies, and systems better understand and enhance their cultural competence. Includes information on working with children, …2021
Understanding BiasThis online learning tool was designed for direct service workers – but has helpful tips for everyone to better understand …2018
How to Overcome BiasA handout created for the Understanding Bias tool that serves as a quick reference. –   –   –   –   –   –   – …2018
Responding to Microaggressions and BiasThis tool can be used to guide conversations about microaggressions.2011
A Guide to Responding to MicroaggressionsThis article discusses how different types of microaggressions affect people’s lives and provides a hands-on guide to strategies, approaches, and …2014
Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Toolkit (California)The ICWA Toolkit provides a structured compendium of resources designed to assist county administrators and staff to implement culturally appropriate …2016
Implicit Bias 101: Exploring Implicit Bias in Child Welfare4 online modules covering the basics of implicit bias, implications in child welfare, self-reflection, and mitigating unwanted biases. The purpose …2018
Cultural Humility Practice PrinciplesThis 1-page summary lists 10 practice principles for cultural humility.2019
Microaggressions in the Child Welfare Workplace: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis resource summarizes the qualitative responses on the topic of microaggressions in the workplace from 30 social workers who identified …, 2020
Understanding the Impact of Implicit BiasThis presentation explores the impact of implicit bias on organizational functioning, training design and delivery, and the broader organizational culture …2016
Cultural Responsiveness: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes an article that discusses the initiative “The Diversity Scorecard” being implemented in higher education to address closing the achievement …, 2015
Indian Child Welfare Resources from the National Conference of State LegislaturesThis webpage provides resources about Indian Child Welfare Act, including background, basic provisions, federal guidance and courts, and general information …2017
Resources for Promoting Self-AwarenessThis document provides resources are intended to be a starting point for evaluators to begin developing higher a sense of …2015
Race to Equity Toolkit for ConversationThis toolkit offers facilitation assistance to school, faith, and community groups that want to discuss the data presented in the …2013
Culturally Responsive Child Welfare Practice – CW360This issue explores cultural responsiveness and concepts related to culturally informed practice, features an expanded practice section focusing on innovative, …2015
Culturally Responsive Child Welfare Practice – CW360 Integrated BibliographyThis bibliography offers an extensive list of resources dealing with Cultural Responsive Child Welfare Practice.2015
Cultural Humility and Management in Child WelfareThis webinar discusses culture, multiculturalism, intersectionality and how cultural humility connects to cultural competence and contributes to cultural responsiveness. It …, 2014
Best Practices Guide for Working with Families from Refugee Backgrounds in Child WelfareThis guide is an overview of selected topics that are relevant to providing culturally responsive services to families with refugee …2008
Diversity QuickBit Module 2: Cultural OpennessAn important dimension of cultural humility is to maintain an openness to the cultural differences. This short 3 minute module …, 2017
Diversity QuickBit Module 1: Cultural Identity and Situational FactorsKnowing ourselves helps us to recognize our personal biases and stereotypes and to see the world from the perspective of …, 2017
Cultural HumilityThis 30-minute documentary explains what cultural humility is and why we need it, and describes a set of principles that …2012
It’s Time to Talk: how to start conversations about racial inequitiesThis report tells how KIDS COUNT advocates in Nebraska, Wisconsin and Washington used solid data, leadership and citizen engagement to …2015
Understanding Structural Racism ActivityThis activity helps participants delve deeper in analyzing racism and start to learn how to use a structural racism lens. …2019
Knowing Who You Are: Helping Youth in Care Develop Their Racial and Ethnic Identity – Facilitator GuideThis guide contains information about the role of the facilitator, things to think about before viewing the video, and group …2005
Knowing Who You Are: Helping Youth in Care Develop Their Racial and Ethnic Identity – Viewer GuideThis guide contains definitions and descriptions related to racial and ethnic identity, background information about the Knowing Who You Are …2005
Knowing Who You Are: Helping Youth in Care Develop Their Racial and Ethnic IdentityThis video provides the catalyst for inspiring courageous conversations and ultimately helping youth in care develop a healthy perspective and …2005
Courageous Conversations about RaceThis webinar presentation describes four steps: notice, engage, understand, and empathize of having courageous conversations about race. 2015
Culture Card: A Guide to Build Cultural AwarenessThis guide provides basic information to enhance cultural competence while providing services in American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities. Keywords: Native …2009
The Wakanheza Project™ Creating Welcoming EnvironmentsThis document provides principles and strategies that prevent or de-escalate stressful situations in public to create more welcoming environments for …2019
The Challenge of Sustaining Cultural and Linguistic CompetenceThis paper provides effective and creative strategies for sustaining cultural and linguistic competence efforts and examples of inclusive strategic planning …2014
Resources for Child Welfare Professionals Working with Families from Refugee BackgroundsThis guide provides information and resources to assist child welfare workers in providing culturally responsive, appropriate services to meet the …2014
Defusing Hate: A Strategic Communication Guide to Counteract Dangerous SpeechThis tool describes strategic communication to prevent dangerous speech from facilitating group-targeted violence, , 2015
Components for Developing Culturally Responsive Seven Approaches to Serving Diverse PopulationsThis guide lists seven components that serve as the foundation to creating culturally responsive programs., 2017
Developing Culturally Responsive Approaches to Serving Diverse Populations: A Resource Guide for Community-Based OrganizationsThis resource guide identifies easily accessible resources on cultural competency that CBOs can use to become more responsive to the …2017
The Implicit Association TestThis assessment measures unconscious associations about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other characteristics.2013
Partnering with Latino and Immigrant Families: Resources and Suggestions for Child Welfare ProfessionalsThis guide shares background information, resources, and suggestions to help you achieve safety, permanence, and well-being for Latino and immigrant …2015
Standards and Indicators for Cultural Competence in Social Work PracticeThis document provides guidance on the implementation and realization of culturally competent practice.2015
Activity to Explore the Impact of Skin ColorThis document guides an activity that illustrates the different experiences participants may have based on the color of their skin …2019
The Four Agreements of Courageous ConversationsThis document offers guidelines that help create the conditions for safe exploration and learning for all throughcourageous conversations about race.2006
Addressing Implicit Bias in the Child Welfare SystemThis presentation outlines disparities throughout the process (i.e, referral & investigation, substantiation, removal & out-of-home placement), impact of implicit bias, …2017
White Privilege Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntoshThis document lists personal examples of unearned advantage and encourages individuals to reflect on and recognize their own unearned advantages …, 1988
Microaggressions: NCWWI 1-page SummaryThis document summarizes an article that evaluates microaggressions and proposes possible approaches to handling situations in which microaggressions occur. The …, 2018