Dismantling Racial Inequity

5: Strengthening Our Efforts Through Partnerships with Academia

National Webinar:  June 12, 2018
Learning Exchange: June 21, 2018

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Since 2005, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services has worked to address the race-based disparities that exist in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. During that time, we have developed collaborative efforts with locally and nationally known and respected organizations and consultants engaged in the work, including Casey Family Programs, Annie E. Casey, The Center for the Study of Social Policy, and Khatib Waheed. Our university partnership has allowed for student placements, shared presentations, and training opportunities. The University at Albany School of Social Welfare completed case studies on the practices of two counties that worked assiduously to reduce the overrepresentation of black children in out-of-home circumstances in their child welfare system. The report is being circulated to other counties for consideration as part of their efforts to reduce race-based disparities in child welfare. This highlights just one of the benefits of university partnerships.

This webinar will focus on New York State’s work with local counties, in collaboration with the University at Albany, on race equity and cultural responsiveness and will propose that a partnership with local colleges and universities be considered as part of a promising strategy to address, reduce, and ultimately eliminate race-based disparities in child welfare and other systems.

Every child, youth, and family deserves effective supports and services to meet their unique needs. Addressing racial justice at the organizational level ultimately improves outcomes for children, youth, and families that the organization serves.

Presenters include Gregory Owens, LMSW | Director – Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations, NYS Office of Children and Family Services; Trista Deame, MS | Race Equity Coordinator, Office of Youth Justice, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services; Jessica Pryce, PhD, MSW | Executive Director, Florida Institute for Child Welfare, Florida State University; Maria Lauria, MSW | Director of Children’s Services, Nassau County Department of Social Services


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