Dismantling Racial Inequity

6: Sustaining Racial Improvements in Child Welfare

National Webinar and Learning Exchange:  September 26, 2018

sustaining racial equity efforts

Ramsey County (Minnesota) Community Services began their Anti-Racism Initiative more than ten years ago with the goal of building and implementing an organizational structure to support culturally responsive services and eliminate racial and cultural-based disparities. More recently, building upon this Initiative, Ramsey County’s Child Welfare Division engaged internal stakeholders through the creation of the Social Services Race Equity Team and will begin the process of engaging community stakeholders through focus groups to inform the process of change. This effort allows for analysis of key decision points across the child welfare continuum. In partnership with Casey Family Programs, Ramsey County’s Child Welfare Division is examining outcome measures, conducting a deep data dive into key decision points of child welfare’s continuum through a race equity lens, and conducting program improvements that focus on child safety through family engagement and family-involved safety mapping strategies within our comprehensive safety assessment model.

This one-hour combined webinar and learning exchange will focus on Ramsey County’s collaborations with internal and external partners in their perseverance of sustainable change that positively impacts families and children. Ramsey County colleagues will propose that continual and dedicated attention to racial disparities in child welfare must be at the core of any sustainability plan if child welfare agencies are to address, reduce, and ultimately eliminate race-based disparities in child welfare and their related systems.

Presenters include Kimberly Cleminson, MSW | Division Director of Children and Family Services, Ramsey County Social Services; Nikki Miller, MEd | Co-Chair Social Services Racial Equity Team, Ramsey County Social Services


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