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Learning & Living Leadership Tool Kit

This tool kit is your opportunity to develop and practice your leadership skills so that you can positively impact children, families, and your community. A leadership development plan, built from a competency-based framework, and based on a self-assessment, will guide you in developing the critical leaderships skills necessary for success. Add to My Resources 0

Leadership Competency Framework

This document provides the NCWWI competency framework, which reflects the multi-dimensional nature of the child welfare field and the corresponding complex and diverse body of knowledge and skills. It describes the approach and resource documents used as the basis for the NCWWI competency framework, and, for each competency, offers a definition and a proficiency ladder, …

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Learning, Leading, Changing and Making a Difference

The video provides an overview of NCWWI through the perspectives of NCWWI’s diverse partners. It explains how NCWWI’s workforce development activities promote learning, leading and changing, as well as how NCWWI’s data-driven capacity building, education, and professional development prepares and supports the commitment of leaders to pursue excellence and sustainable systems change in service of …

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Child Welfare Information Gateway: Agency Leadership

This webpage provides resources that describe aspects of leadership and leadership strategies that can improve agency effectiveness and impact the workforce, including State and local examples. Add to My Resources 0

Strengths Based Teams (4 minute microlearning)

The path to great leadership starts with a deep understanding of the strengths you bring to the table. Since no one can be good at it all, learn how to build a strengths based team so you have the strengths together to get the job done. Add to My Resources 0

Open to All Voices (4 minute microlearning)

Working effectively with a variety of stakeholders impacted by a change requires a diverse set of competencies which is why this microlearning on this critical adaptive leadership behavior is chock-full of resources. Add to My Resources 0

Child welfare matters: Leading Adaptively in Child Welfare

This issue focuses on integrating the concepts and tools of adaptive leadership into training and technical assistance (TTA) work, exercising adaptive leadership on the frontlines, and using adaptive leadership concepts in continuous quality improvement systems. Add to My Resources 0

Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS) Core Curriculum

Designed for experienced child welfare supervisors, the core curriculum consists of the Introductory Module and 5 subsequent online modules corresponding with the NCWWI Leadership Model. Total online time is 21 hours. The curriculum follows two tracks: developing leadership skills through a personal learning plan and developing a Change Initiative within a supervisor’s sphere of influence. …

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Making a Difference #3: Child Welfare Means Change Management: Stories & Lessons Learned from LAMM Alumni

This webinar is the third of a 4-part national mini-series, Making a Difference: NCWWI Impact & Lessons Learned (2008-2013) and shares the stories of Leadership Academy for Middle Managers (LAMM) alumni, and what they have learned about sustainable systems change, change management and leadership in the field of child welfare that can apply to current …

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