Change Implementation

Partnership for Sustainable Change

Research indicates that change is not sustainable when we do not meaningfully engage those most impacted by a change (even when it’s being developed to improve services for them). Take this 12-minute course to learn 24 strategies that contribute to effective partnerships.

Why Coaching is Worth Your Investment

This infographic describes why it is important for child welfare programs to invest in coaching to support employees and their leadership development. Screen reader version:

Think of Us

This organization is dedicated to transforming the child welfare system to center lived experiences. They operate as a research and development lab.

Human Centered Innovation for Intergenerational Impact (itotheN)

itotheN is an international development consulting organization that focuses on research, thought leadership, strategic partnerships, and science-informed solutions to emphasize and leverage early brain development with a focus on socio-emotional development as a catalyst for global intergenerational change.

Poor Individual Risk Classification from Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening

In this article, Meehan et al. discuss the utility of ACEs screening for population level impacts of ACEs in the context of physical and mental health problems. However, the authors also consider the possibility that the screening tool has limitations when it comes to recognizing physical and mental health disorders on the individual level.

Leading Social Transformations: A Case Study Update on Advancing the Common Good

This webinar follows-up on a case study published May 2021 focusing on methods for large-scale transformation in Canada’s family justice system. Four authors from the case study provide deeper context into the study’s tools and techniques and address the barriers to large-scale transformation societies face today.

What Works Cities Certification

The What Works Cities is a certification that city governments can receive for making strides toward improving quality of life for their residents. Giving special attention to communities and their needs is paramount to achieving this certification and included qualities like implementing permanent housing for homeless individuals, empowering residents to have a voice in improving …

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The Future of Healing: Shifting from Trauma-Informed Care to Healing Centered Engagement

In this blog post, Ginwright describes the shortcomings of the term “trauma informed care,” as it is incomplete, requires that we treat trauma but not the root causes, and risks fostering pathologization rather than possibility. They propose a more holistic approach that is healing-centered rather than trauma-informed, emphasizing the collective experience of trauma and highlights …

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