Data-Driven Decision Making

Poor Individual Risk Classification from Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening

In this article, Meehan et al. discuss the utility of ACEs screening for population level impacts of ACEs in the context of physical and mental health problems. However, the authors also consider the possibility that the screening tool has limitations when it comes to recognizing physical and mental health disorders on the individual level.

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What Works Cities Certification

The What Works Cities is a certification that city governments can receive for making strides toward improving quality of life for their residents. Giving special attention to communities and their needs is paramount to achieving this certification and included qualities like implementing permanent housing for homeless individuals, empowering residents to have a voice in improving

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What is Community Engaged Research (CER)?

Community engaged research is a process that incorporates input from people who the research outcomes will impact and involves such people or groups as equal partners throughout the research process. This involvement may include co-designing research questions to solve problems, making decisions, influencing policies, and creating programs and interventions that affect their own lives. This

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The Data Equity Framework

The Data Equity Framework is a systematic process that provides you with a set of tools, checklists, and practices that allow you to identify and understand each place in your work where you are embedding a worldview or prioritizing a lived experience. It equips you and your team to make those choices intentionally in a

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