Document Category: Workforce Development Planning

A Review of Child Welfare Services at DSS SC

This report reviews various issues pertaining to child welfare services, procurement, and agency management at the South Carolina Department of Social Services including employee qualifications, salaries, training, turnover, caseloads, abuse and neglect investigations, child deaths, alternative caregivers, family preservation, and data reliability.

Building Leaderful Organizations: Succession Planning for Nonprofits

This publication presents alternative models of succession planning designed particularly for nonprofits: (1) Pursuing the agency’s mission and service goals as effectively as possible; (2) Ensuring agency stability by developing bench strength behind its executive and key managers. (3) Creating the possibility that successors for executive director and top manager positions will emerge from the …

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7 Lessons Learned from the Western Workforce Project

This document explains seven lessons learned after conducting Comprehensive Organizational Health Assessments (COHA) at four child welfare sites in Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota to determine what was and what was not working at the agency.

CalSWEC’s Ecological Model for Workforce Development

This model was developed as a guide for workforce development evaluation and research activities. The model depicts the contributions of education, in-service training, and organizational supports, among such other factors as student and worker characteristics, to guide understanding of the effectiveness of the child welfare social work workforce in providing high-quality service to children and families.

Balancing Head & Heart California’s Child Welfare Workforce

This newsletter from the California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership examines the valuable and complex work performed by California’s child welfare workforce and highlights both the challenges and opportunities to strengthen and support the field.