Community Engagement

Partnership for Sustainable Change

Research indicates that change is not sustainable when we do not meaningfully engage those most impacted by a change (even when it’s being developed to improve services for them). Take this 12-minute course to learn 24 strategies that contribute to effective partnerships.

National Youth Employment Coalition

The National Youth Employment Coalition represents organizations that serve and study opportunity youth. The coalition keeps the field up to date on recent innovations in practice and the latest research on service models. They host briefs, webinars, and online forums to create a learning community.

Think of Us

This organization is dedicated to transforming the child welfare system to center lived experiences. They operate as a research and development lab.

Crossnore Communities for Children

Crossnore Communities for Children is an organization that exists to help children who have experienced abuse or trauma find safe homes. Their programs range from transitional living services for youth aging out of the foster care system to on-site trauma-informed clinical services. This is organization is a resource for anyone in or working with children …

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Self-Healing Communities

This article by RWJF describes how addressing problems that a community is facing collectively rather than as stand-alone issues is more effective in building a community that is collaborative and hopeful.

Community Engagement Spectrum

This table details how power can be shifted to the people who are actually impacted by poverty when it comes to making policy decisions. Oftentimes, these groups have the least agency when it comes to making decisions about policies that will impact their lives significantly. This chart may aid people in identifying which stage of …

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What Works Cities Certification

The What Works Cities is a certification that city governments can receive for making strides toward improving quality of life for their residents. Giving special attention to communities and their needs is paramount to achieving this certification and included qualities like implementing permanent housing for homeless individuals, empowering residents to have a voice in improving …

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Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina: Connection Matters Congregation

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina is amplifying their Connections Matters Congregation, a faith-based organization for people in the community who are invested in preventing childhood trauma. This document describes what this means and provides links to additional resources.

Press On — A Coalition of Coalitions to Move the Trauma-Informed Movement Forward

Press On is a national coalition of local trauma-informed coalitions, formed to create a unified voice for trauma-informed advocacy across the United States. Membership is open to any state, local, or regional cross-sector trauma-informed coalition whose mission is to promote trauma-informed practices. The coalition includes six practices: advocacy, promote statewide coalitions, sharing of best practices, …

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