Document Category: Training

Conversational Style in Training

An overview of a combination of stylistic strategies to personalize instructional text for learners, otherwise known as conversational styles and their value

Self-Explanation in Training

An overview of a process by which learners generate inferences about causal connections or conceptual relationships, otherwise known as self-explanation.

Signaling in Training

An overview of cues that direct learners’ attention to specific instructional content or that emphasize how the content is organized, otherwise known as signaling, during training, and how it should be used.

Behavior Modeling Training

An overview of Behavior Modeling Training (BMT which can be used to train a variety of skills, from interpersonal skills like conflict management, interviewing, assertive communication, and cross-cultural management, to technical skills like using computer software or operating equipment.

Using a Culturally Responsive Leadership Framework: NCWWI 1-page Summary

The authors developed a culturally responsive leadership framework (CRLF) to address context, distributive leadership, and cultural responsiveness. Examining these elements strengthens an organization’s ability to meet the changing needs of employees and communities and helps leaders create inclusive environments for diverse stakeholders.