Organizational Culture and Climate

Mental Health and the Child Welfare Workforce

This infographic describes the workforce mental health crisis, the impacts of not supporting employees’ well-being, and how child welfare organizations can support employee mental health and well-being. Screen reader version is available here:

What Makes a Good Learning Culture: NCWWI 1-page Summary

Researchers drew on social learning theory (SLT) to study the relationship between learning culture and preparation for work and professional development among child welfare caseworkers (n = 1,790) using secondary organizational health survey data collected through a multi-site child welfare workforce project.

Leading Social Transformations: A Case Study Update on Advancing the Common Good

This webinar follows-up on a case study published May 2021 focusing on methods for large-scale transformation in Canada’s family justice system. Four authors from the case study provide deeper context into the study’s tools and techniques and address the barriers to large-scale transformation societies face today.

Thriving Families Safer Children Equitable Compensation Taskforce Report

The Thriving Families Safer Children (TFSC) movement includes 22 sites nationwide as well as lived expert leaders and five national partner organizations. Inconsistent practices across sites and partner organizations in how lived expert partners are compensated have been observed (also referred to in this report as lived experience partners, individuals with lived experience, or LEX). …

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Racial Equity Tools

There are two sections on this site that focus on organizational change. The PLAN/Issues section provides the concepts and frameworks to understand the change process, examples and ways to make one’s case and include case studies of organizations at different points in their change process. In the Organizational Change Process section of ACT/Strategies, there are …

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What is Community Engaged Research (CER)?

Community engaged research is a process that incorporates input from people who the research outcomes will impact and involves such people or groups as equal partners throughout the research process. This involvement may include co-designing research questions to solve problems, making decisions, influencing policies, and creating programs and interventions that affect their own lives. This …

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