Document Category: Organizational Culture and Climate

Creating a Learning Culture (5.5 minute microlearning)

Helping staff grow professionally is a key workforce development strategy. This includes both a comprehensive training infrastructure and promoting a learning culture where continuous learning is encouraged. This 5 1/2 minute module includes a self-assessment and strategies to promote a learning culture within an agency.

Creating a Supportive Culture (4 minute microlearning)

People are motivated to stay on the job when their basic safety and security needs are met, and when they feel supported, both personally and in their work. This 4.5 minute interactive module describes strategies that leaders at all levels can implement to create a more supportive environment. 

A Foster Care Practice Model: Lifelong Families Training Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to train social workers in the implementation of the Lifelong Families permanency approach so kids in high-needs treatment foster care can find permanent families and improved well-being. The manual presents a comprehensive 2-day curriculum including agenda, assignments, presentations, handouts, daily modules with timetable and more.