Document Category: Job Analysis and Position Requirements

Rethinking Child Welfare Recruitment

This brief discusses the current workforce crisis and provides recommendations on ways child welfare programs can enhance their recruitment efforts.

Profile of the Social Work Workforce 

This report uses available sources of data to present a profile of the current social work workforce defined according to the jobs social workers hold. This includes the size of the workforce, its demographic and educational background, its work setting, its compensation, and its geographical distribution.

Child Welfare Information Gateway: Realistic Job Previews

This webpage features Realistic Job Preview videos from different states, along with supplemental materials and resources, which demonstrate the development, utilization and effectiveness of Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) on the recruitment, selection, and retention of child welfare workers.

Realistic Job Previews: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

This document explains a recruiting approach called Realistic Job Preview (RJP), its purpose, what information agencies should include, how to present the RJP, and some methods agencies can use to conduct RJP, and provides an implementation checklists.

SMARRT Manual: Strategies Matrix Approach to Recruitment and Retention Techniques

This manual is designed to enhance capacity for more effective child welfare recruitment, selection, training, and retention practice, by providing child welfare professionals with practical, hands-on tools and information, new ideas, and sufficient background information on complex topics to ask informed questions, know where to turn for additional resources, and begin the process of implementing …

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