Document Category: Coaching


An overview of coaching and its value.

Behavior Modeling Training

An overview of Behavior Modeling Training (BMT which can be used to train a variety of skills, from interpersonal skills like conflict management, interviewing, assertive communication, and cross-cultural management, to technical skills like using computer software or operating equipment.

Learning & Living Leadership Tool Kit

This tool kit is your opportunity to develop and practice your leadership skills so that you can positively impact children, families, and your community. A leadership development plan, built from a competency-based framework, and based on a self-assessment, will guide you in developing the critical leaderships skills necessary for success.

Case Management Supervision and Coaching Package

The Case Management Supervision and Coaching Training Package was created to increase case management supervisors’ confidence, capacity and support to caseworkers to provide safe, ethical and competent case management services to vulnerable children and their families. It includes a curriculum and supporting materials that can be adapted for a local context.

Coaching Webinar Series

A five-part webinar series to discuss and share the positive impacts of coaching in human services hosted by the Northern California Training Academy at UC Davis