Trauma-informed Practice

Transforming Foster Care Strategy Map

This is a systems thinking strategy map that goes over the foster care system on an institutional level. It also outlines areas of reform and intervention that will impact the foster care system as a whole.

National Youth Employment Coalition

The National Youth Employment Coalition represents organizations that serve and study opportunity youth. The coalition keeps the field up to date on recent innovations in practice and the latest research on service models. They host briefs, webinars, and online forums to create a learning community.

Think of Us

This organization is dedicated to transforming the child welfare system to center lived experiences. They operate as a research and development lab.

Compassionate Inquiry

Dr. Gabor Maté discusses a psychotherapeutic method he developed called compassionate inquiry. It utilizes science and compassion to understand unconscious dynamics that run a patients life. This is a helpful resource for therapists to incorporate compassionate inquiry to better understand how to help patients.

Compassion in Action Podcast

In this podcast series, Fritzi Horstman converses with experts about bringing trauma-informed approaches to the forefront.

Human Centered Innovation for Intergenerational Impact (itotheN)

itotheN is an international development consulting organization that focuses on research, thought leadership, strategic partnerships, and science-informed solutions to emphasize and leverage early brain development with a focus on socio-emotional development as a catalyst for global intergenerational change.

Poor Individual Risk Classification from Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening

In this article, Meehan et al. discuss the utility of ACEs screening for population level impacts of ACEs in the context of physical and mental health problems. However, the authors also consider the possibility that the screening tool has limitations when it comes to recognizing physical and mental health disorders on the individual level.

Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) through Policy and Advocacy (Toolkit)

This toolkit was created by the MARC Foundation to support and encourage cross-sector networks in trauma-informed policy and advocacy efforts. The toolkit compiles examples of cross-sector trauma-informed policy and practice from around the country. For leaders looking to better understand the role of policy and advocacy in the ACEs, Resilience, and Trauma (ART) movement this …

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