Work Conditions and Benefits

State Roundtable Reports on Caseworker Retention

The State Roundtable establishes workgroups to research and address statewide areas of concern for the PA Dependency System. Workgroup membership includes judges, child welfare professionals and other key stakeholders based on the topic. Each year, Workgroups prepare State Roundtable Reports outlining the progress of the group, research conducted and recommendations to address the areas of …

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FOCUS on Workforce Wellness

A newsletter with multiple articles focused on worker wellness. One article provides practical actions coworkers can engage in with one another. Another article focuses on getting leadership to learn and understand the importance of trauma-informed care and how that knowledge and understanding can lead to support for the teams they work with. A third article …

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HHS Could Play a Greater Role in Helping Child Welfare Agencies Recruit and Retain Staff

This report identifies (1) the challenges child welfare agencies face in recruiting and retaining child welfare workers and supervisors, (2) how recruitment and retention challenges have affected the safety and permanency outcomes of children in foster care, and (3) workforce practices that public and private child welfare agencies have implemented to successfully confront recruitment and …

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Caseload and Workload Management

Large caseloads and excessive workloads in many jurisdictions can make it difficult for child welfare caseworkers to serve families effectively, and reducing and managing caseloads and workloads are not simple tasks for child welfare administrators. Nevertheless, agencies are addressing these challenges and successfully implementing a variety of strategies to make caseloads and workloads more manageable. …

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Supporting a Culture of Wellness for Emerging Leaders

NCWWI, the Child Welfare League of America, and CWLA’s Emerging Leaders Committee partnered to provide this webinar focused on wellness for emerging leaders in public and not-for-profit organizations. Recognizing that leadership happens at all levels, this webinar features a panel of public and private agencies implementing multifaceted strategies that support employee wellness and professional development …

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Building Resilience for Child Welfare Professionals

Review this webinar to hear about ways to build resilience for child welfare professionals. Learn more about tools and resources available to help yourself and your clients respond with resilience in the face of challenges. Attendees will engage in practical approaches for coping with personal and workplace stress. Access handouts on the NCWWI website: