Mental Health and the Child Welfare Workforce

This infographic describes the workforce mental health crisis, the impacts of not supporting employees’ well-being, and how child welfare organizations can support employee mental health and well-being. Screen reader version is available here: https://ncwwi.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/NCWWI-mental-health-infographic_SCREEN_READER-1.docx

State Roundtable Reports on Caseworker Retention

The State Roundtable establishes workgroups to research and address statewide areas of concern for the PA Dependency System. Workgroup membership includes judges, child welfare professionals and other key stakeholders based on the topic. Each year, Workgroups prepare State Roundtable Reports outlining the progress of the group, research conducted and recommendations to address the areas of …

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Building Resilience for Child Welfare Professionals

Review this webinar to hear about ways to build resilience for child welfare professionals. Learn more about tools and resources available to help yourself and your clients respond with resilience in the face of challenges. Attendees will engage in practical approaches for coping with personal and workplace stress. Access handouts on the NCWWI website: ncwwi.org/ncwwi-webinars/

QIC-WD Workforce Interventions

This video describes common challenges and the important role workers had in selecting a workforce intervention to test as part of the QIC-WD project. It also summarizes the interventions selected to address a variety of workforce strategies.