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NCWWI Workload Reference List

This comprehensive reference list includes a compilation of papers, reports, peer-reviewed journal articles and other relevant resources addressing workload

QIC-WD Workforce Interventions

This video describes common challenges and the important role workers had in selecting a workforce intervention to test as part of the QIC-WD project. It also summarizes the interventions selected to address a variety of workforce strategies.

An Overview of the QIC-WD

The Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development (QIC-WD) is dedicated to understanding how to improve child welfare workforce outcomes.

The Critical Role of Child Welfare Workers

“Social workers are the unsung heroes…” This video highlights the critical role that child welfare workers play on the frontlines – they manage threats and work everyday to keep children safe.

Virginia Case-Supportive Technology

The Virginia Department of Social Services and select local child welfare agencies implemented a case-supportive technology intervention to strengthen their child welfare workforce. This video, recorded virtually, highlights the experience of workers and supervisors that used transcription services and a mobile application to improve their ability to work outside the office.

Pivoting During the Pandemic

This video features workers, supervisors, and administrators discussing the challenges they faced during the Covid-19 pandemic and some of changes that have positively impacted the child welfare workforce.

The Importance of Supporting Supervisors

Supervision is an important element of the child welfare workforce. Supervisors from across the QIC-WD sites discuss what they need to support child welfare workers.

Supervision in a Virtual Workplace

The QIC-WD sites, like other child welfare agencies around the country, pivoted to virtual supervision quickly due to the pandemic. Most supervisors were unprepared for managing a virtual workforce and are learning by doing. In this QIC-Take we share what we are learning from QIC-WD sites and others, as well as links to advice on …

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An overview of telework, its value, and the need for additional research.