Document Category: Workload

Effective Workload Management: NCWWI 1-page Summary

This document summarizes a study that surveyed 1,263 workers in a Midwestern state to determine factors that influence workload perceptions related to manageability and overtime work. Caseload characteristics, supervisor support, and regional staffing needs were examined.

What Child Welfare Caseworkers Need To Go Mobile

This paper examines the ways in which mobile access to case management systems, data and information, assessment and referral capabilities and other tools could go a long way toward reducing child welfare caseloads and workload, and improving caseworker efficiency. 

Workforce and Outsourcing Issues Key to Reducing Fatalities: Comments for the CECANF

This document addresses outsourcing, caseloads and workloads, professional development, and workplace safety issues as key to reducing fatalities; and provides recommendations to the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities (CECANF) to look closely at the impact on children of contracting in the child welfare system. 

Colorado Child Welfare County Workload Study

This in-depth study establishes a comprehensive picture of the State’s child welfare county actual and estimated workload and staffing levels, concluding that the estimated amount of time required to complete mandated child welfare activities and meet program objectives exceeds the amount of time available from the current number of Colorado child welfare caseworkers.