Document Category: Workload


An overview of workaholism and what contributes to it.


An overview of sleep and its impact on workplace outcomes.

Organizational Constraints

An overview of work conditions that interfere with an employee’s motivation or ability to perform, otherwise known as work constraints, and what contributes to them.


An overview of workload and how to improve it.

Role Stress

An overview of three types of role stress: role ambiguity, role conflict, and role overload.

Rethinking Child Welfare Recruitment

This brief discusses the current workforce crisis and provides recommendations on ways child welfare programs can enhance their recruitment efforts.

Effective Workload Management: NCWWI 1-page Summary

This document summarizes a study that surveyed 1,263 workers in a Midwestern state to determine factors that influence workload perceptions related to manageability and overtime work. Caseload characteristics, supervisor support, and regional staffing needs were examined.

New York State Child Welfare Workload Study

This study is the first child welfare workload study that addresses the work of voluntary agency staff, in addition to public agency staff with the aim of understanding the total effort required to assess, plan, provide, and document the broad array of child welfare services.