Work with Purpose Child Welfare Professional Recruitment Toolkit

The Work with Purpose recruitment campaign – and the information and materials in this toolkit – is intended to support child welfare recruitment efforts. It includes high-level campaign messaging and guidance about how to refer to the work and roles, social media content and creative for job fairs. To learn more, visit

Compassionate Inquiry

Dr. Gabor Maté discusses a psychotherapeutic method he developed called compassionate inquiry. It utilizes science and compassion to understand unconscious dynamics that run a patients life. This is a helpful resource for therapists to incorporate compassionate inquiry to better understand how to help patients.

Connect Our Kids

Connect Our Kids is a non profit that offers a free family finding technology platform that is reconnecting youth in foster care with family and other people from their past that might be willing to be a chosen family for them. This free tool is especially useful for child welfare professionals to help reconnect children …

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Community Engagement Spectrum

This table details how power can be shifted to the people who are actually impacted by poverty when it comes to making policy decisions. Oftentimes, these groups have the least agency when it comes to making decisions about policies that will impact their lives significantly. This chart may aid people in identifying which stage of …

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What Works Cities Certification

The What Works Cities is a certification that city governments can receive for making strides toward improving quality of life for their residents. Giving special attention to communities and their needs is paramount to achieving this certification and included qualities like implementing permanent housing for homeless individuals, empowering residents to have a voice in improving …

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Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina: Connection Matters Congregation

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina is amplifying their Connections Matters Congregation, a faith-based organization for people in the community who are invested in preventing childhood trauma. This document describes what this means and provides links to additional resources.

Number Story: Support Families and Community

This webpage from NumberStory provides information about how an individual can provide support to families and communities through traumatic situations, including resources and information about ACEs science that many organizations use to guide their practices.

Public Narrative Planning Sheet

This worksheet walks you through storytelling as an advocacy tool with exercises and guiding questions for developing one’s “story of self,” “story of us,” and “story of now.”

Thriving Families Safer Children Equitable Compensation Taskforce Report

The Thriving Families Safer Children (TFSC) movement includes 22 sites nationwide as well as lived expert leaders and five national partner organizations. Inconsistent practices across sites and partner organizations in how lived expert partners are compensated have been observed (also referred to in this report as lived experience partners, individuals with lived experience, or LEX). …

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