Transforming Foster Care Strategy Map

This is a systems thinking strategy map that goes over the foster care system on an institutional level. It also outlines areas of reform and intervention that will impact the foster care system as a whole.

ACEs and Resiliency Strategy Map

A presentation detailing an ACEs Strategy Map for how faith-based communities can be positive forces for minimizing and addressing trauma. It also shares The Basics, which is a community-wide approach to early childhood brain development.

Supporting a Culture of Wellness for Emerging Leaders

NCWWI, the Child Welfare League of America, and CWLA’s Emerging Leaders Committee partnered to provide this webinar focused on wellness for emerging leaders in public and not-for-profit organizations. Recognizing that leadership happens at all levels, this webinar features a panel of public and private agencies implementing multifaceted strategies that support employee wellness and professional development …

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Learning and Living Leadership Tool Kit Webinar

Leadership can happen from “every seat,” and you’ll need to be at your very best to lead into the future. This webinar, held on September 21, 2022 is an opportunity to reflect on your leadership style and skills through the lens of the NCWWI Leadership Competency Model and explore activities that build leadership competencies.