Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center

The Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center provides resources to guide health care organizations and schools in becoming trauma-informed. Some topics include the impact of racism on patient health, tips on starting conversations about trauma-informed care (TIC) with organization leadership, and TIC in the context of high-need populations. Additionally, overviews of ACEs and their impacts across

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Press On — A Coalition of Coalitions to Move the Trauma-Informed Movement Forward

Press On is a national coalition of local trauma-informed coalitions, formed to create a unified voice for trauma-informed advocacy across the United States. Membership is open to any state, local, or regional cross-sector trauma-informed coalition whose mission is to promote trauma-informed practices. The coalition includes six practices: advocacy, promote statewide coalitions, sharing of best practices,

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Trauma-Informed Libraries

This webpage is a PACEs Connection community of library professionals and library supporters who seek to share ACEs Science with institutions, organizations, and communities; explore and implement trauma-informed approaches; and build community resilience through our programs, practices and publications. These libraries also includes a community for advocation of the bio/psycho/social well being of foster children.

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Cape Fear Collective

The Cape Fear Collective is an organization driving systemic change in southeastern North Carolina through partnerships with community organizations and employing data science. Its efforts seek to visualize opportunities for systemic change to better direct financial resources to achieve equity.

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Bikers Against Child Abuse

Bikers Against Child Abuse is an organization that was created in order to provide a safe environment for children who have been abused. They work in conjunction with local and state officials to provide physical and emotional support to children who have been abused and are still in fear of their environments. They act as

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