Thriving Families Safer Children Equitable Compensation Taskforce Report

The Thriving Families Safer Children (TFSC) movement includes 22 sites nationwide as well as lived expert leaders and five national partner organizations. Inconsistent practices across sites and partner organizations in how lived expert partners are compensated have been observed (also referred to in this report as lived experience partners, individuals with lived experience, or LEX). The points of variance include different rates of pay, how compensation is delivered, the structure of job contracts, sources of funding, and more. This matters because compensation directly influences the ability of lived experts to participate fully in the work. Additionally, the issue of compensation has implications for how lived experts are seen as leaders in the room. TFSC’s Executive Team commissioned an Equitable Compensation Taskforce to take up this issue. Objectives, the approach, compensation forumla, key recommendations, and next steps are discussed.

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