Once coaches have been selected conduct a Leadership Academy Overview and Orientation to provide context and overview information about the Academy and their role as a coach. It is important to realize that initially there will be a heavy lift for the coaches in completing training and becoming familiar with the curriculum concepts and materials. The Leadership Academy Coaching Guide is a valuable resource for the coaches.  The Coaches Guide provides information on the purpose, definition, and rationale of coaching; includes coaching essentials; coaching tools; coaching resources for all three phases of coaching (readiness, academy, and post-coaching); and an appendix with case scenarios illustrating real coaching experiences. Familiarity with the Coaches Guide, as well as communication and ongoing support from the Lead Trainer providing the monthly support throughout all three phases, is critical in helping to facilitate the success of this significant component of the Leadership Academy.

Following the overview and orientation, coaches will participate in the Virtual Coaching Learning Program (VCLP) to learn the foundations of coaching. To provide effective coaching and support the transfer of learning from the Leadership Academy coaches need curriculum content knowledge, including: 

      • NCWWI Leadership Model
      • NCWWI Implementation Phases
      • Racial Equity, Inclusivity, and Biases
      • Adaptive Leadership
      • Strengths-Based Leadership
      • Daring Leadership
      • Transformational Leadership

Coaches are expected to view all curriculum materials including foundational modules and Leadership Academy modules along with participant and trainer synchronous materials. In addition to the overview of the Academy in the orientation and their own independent review of the material, it is recommended for coaches to participate in the TOT curriculum walk-through with Leadership Academy trainers to further their exposure to and understanding of the concepts. It is expected that additional opportunities to expand their familiarity and understanding will be available in the monthly coaches’ support sessions.

The VCLP is a 12-week foundational training program for coaches that supports skill building for coaching of Leadership Academy supervisors and managers. The VCLP curriculum is designed to be delivered virtually and co-facilitated by individuals who already have certification in coaching. 

After participating in the VCLP, participants will understand the foundations of coaching and how coaching can be incorporated into various settings. Participants will gain knowledge of how to engage and support their client(s), and numerous skills and techniques to utilize in their practice. 

The four modules of the VCLP examine the Being and Doing of coaching. Participants explore the mindset needed to lean into as a coach, as well as specific skills used to support the coachee’s growth and development. Participants have opportunities to do individual learning as well as collaborative learning with their colleagues. This virtual learning opportunity provides foundational knowledge and skills needed to support learning and development of the individuals you will coach. Each module contains four elements: (1) Pre-work, (2) Virtual Learning Session (materials include PowerPoint and Annotated Agenda), (3) Try-it exercises, and (4) a Triad practice group. Please contact the Leadership Academy Team to explore how NCWWI can support your agency’s implementation of the VCLP.

Module 1, Introduction, introduces coaching as a unique profession. By exploring the differences between coaching, consulting, and mentoring we will define what a coaching mindset is, as well as explore the principles and assumptions of coaching and how it is used to support an individual’s growth and self-awareness. 

 Module 2, Skills and Techniques of Coaching, focuses on the phases of a coaching conversation, dives deeper into the skills and techniques used when coaching, and explores how questions can evoke discovery, insight, and commitment or action.

Module 3, Incorporating the Coaching Mindset, explores how the different levels of listening influence our coaching and allow us to be present and flexible while coaching. Further, we will explore how values and beliefs create context for actions and behaviors.

Module 4, Gauging Growth, brings into focus how to use the coaching relationship to support goal development and achievement, while tapping into the coachee’s ideas, suggestions, and desired outcomes. The coach’s role in holding accountability will also be explored.

Module 5, Closing: This closing webinar brings everything together to conclude your learning journey.