Just as coaches support participants through all three phases of coaching:  Training Readiness, Leadership Academy Coaching, and Post-Academy Coaching; coaches are supported by the Lead Trainer monthly throughout this same time. As the participant progresses, the intent of the coaching shifts from preparing for the best use of Leadership Academy training to the application of Leadership Academy training in the workplace, and likewise, monthly support for coaches will look different in progression as well.

Monthly support sessions with coaches should begin at the conclusion of the Virtual Coaching Learning Program and prior to the onset of their Training Readiness sessions with participants. In this first monthly support session, coaches may need assistance with timelines and logistics. For example, coaches will need to send an Introductory and Welcome Email to their assigned participants a couple of weeks prior to the expected timeframe to schedule the first Training Readiness session. Coaches may have some concerns about participant resistance to coaching and Coaching: Working with Resistance is a 16-minute eLearning module that can be shared during the session and complemented through group discussion.

The level and type of support needed may vary from one coach to another based on their own skill level and/or any potential dynamics in working with their assigned participant. While support can be provided individually, it is beneficial to provide opportunities for group learning through the monthly support sessions and this will also minimize time demands placed on the person providing the support. 

With group support sessions, the confidentiality of participants is primary.  If monthly sessions are virtual, consider having coaches submit questions or issues through a private message so the facilitator of the support session can bring the issue to the discussion without anyone readily identifying the coach or participant. If sessions are in-person, then consider having participants submit issues to the facilitator in advance. It may be that in some circumstances support will need to be one-to-one to better address any specific concern(s).