Welcome to the Leadership Academy 
Implementation Guide

The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) Leadership Academy (Leadership Academy or Academy) is designed to build and support the critical leadership skills  child welfare supervisors, managers, and directors need to be successful. This guide leverages NCWWI’s extensive experience implementing the Academy in diverse organizations using multiple training formats to support organizations explore, plan, implement, evaluate, and sustain the Academy. While NCWWI developed the Leadership Academy for use in human services organizations, other educational and training programs can also adapt and utilize the curriculum.

When organizations implement the Leadership Academy as designed, learners become nimble leaders able to identify and tackle technical and adaptive challenges, address systemic barriers, and institute sustainable, equitable solutions that pave the way for positive organizational change.

The Leadership Academy takes approximately 18-20 months to implement start to finish and is a significant organizational investment. Extensive evaluation findings from 2009-2024 show that the Academy consistently yielded positive outcomes including high participant satisfaction, significant knowledge gains, robust learning transfer support, and significant increases in leadership behaviors. This data shows the effectiveness of implementing the Academy to fortify your organization’s leadership pipeline, ensuring your workforce is equipped to champion a brighter future for the children and families we serve. While we recommend utilizing the entire Academy for optimal results, we recognize that organizations have budgetary and time constraints. Nevertheless, incorporating any component of the Academy has valuable individual and organizational benefits.

This guide is divided into six (6) sections. Each section contains downloadable templates, forms, documents, and other resources to support Academy implementation.

  1. Overview: Summary of the Leadership Academy components
  2. Planning: Step-by-step preparation guidelines, complete with timeline and proven strategies for successful implementation
  3. Trainers and Facilitators: Access to customizable curriculum, along with materials for Training of Trainers and Training of Coaches
  4. Coaching: Recruitment, selection, matching, training, and evaluation
  5. Participants: Selection and preparation tools
  6. Assessments: Methods to assess leadership skills

Overview Video

The following video provides an overview of the Leadership Academy, and the investment programs needed to implement it.