Welcome to the Leadership Academy 
Implementation Guide

The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) Leadership Academy (Leadership Academy or Academy) is designed to build and support leadership skills critical for the success of child welfare supervisors, managers, and directors. NCWWI created this Leadership Academy Implementation Guide to provide guidance to child welfare agencies who wish to create, develop, and implement a Leadership Academy program and integrate the Academy into their existing training systems.

If the Leadership Academy is implemented as designed, learners who complete the Academy will become nimble leaders, able to identify and tackle both technical and adaptive challenges and support their agencies in achieving their full potential.

We think it’s important to emphasize that developing and implementing the Leadership Academy is an organizational investment. The estimated time frame to create, develop, and deliver this effective leadership development approach is 18-20 months for full implementation. Additionally, NCWWI recommends that agencies develop an effective communication strategy to create awareness and prepare the staff who will be involved in the Academy development and implementation. An effective communication strategy provides agency leaders, supervisors, and participants with information that fully explains this valuable leadership development program’s time commitment, activities, and expectations. This guide contains key information, tools, and forms agencies can utilize to help them develop and support the communication process.

This guide supports organizations in exploring, planning, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining the Academy. It is divided into six (6) sections: overview, planning, trainers and facilitators, coaching, participants, and self-assessments. Each section contains downloadable templates, forms, documents, and other resources to support organizations as they move through each step of the Leadership Academy. Additionally, the format of the classroom curricula and training materials allow agencies to easily customize the content to meet their staff’s needs. This comprehensive guide also includes:

  • An overview of the Leadership Academy components, principles, competencies, and learning objectives
  • Steps to prepare for implementation, including timeline tools
  • Access to the curriculum content
  • Materials for Training of Trainers and Training of Coaches
  • Strategies for successful implementation
  • Evaluation materials
  • 360˚  Assessment materials
  • Examples to illustrate key Leadership Academy concepts

Overview Video

The following video provides an overview of the Leadership Academy, and the investment programs need to make to implement it.