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Access engaging, interactive online learning that builds skills in leadership, workforce development, and change implementation. These tools are available to anyone and can be used by supervisors and managers (coaching & team meetings), training departments (pre-work, transfer strategies, optional courses & staff newsletters), faculty and implementation teams (to provide foundational information).  View our webinar for more information.


Attracting the Best (4 minutes) 

Attracting1.fwPeople feel more competent and are likely to stay when they have realistic expectations about what the job entails and when there is a good match between the requirements of the job and their own capabilities. This five-minute module provides information on effective recruitment strategies that begin with a consistent message both realistic about the job and inspiring to potential candidates.


Educational Preparation (5 minutes)

edprepPeople who come to the job with the right educational preparation and skills are more likely to succeed, to feel good about the job and to stay.  This five-minute interactive module demonstrates ways to promote closer relationships with colleges and universities that help to make the education and professional preparation process match the needs of child welfare work. 

Recruitment Strategies (1 hour)

RecruitmentFinding qualified workers who are likely to stay is a major challenge in child welfare.  This one-hour module shares some specific strategies and examples from other states that can make your recruitment efforts more successful.


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