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Access engaging, interactive online learning that builds skills in leadership, workforce development, and change implementation. These tools are available to anyone and can be used by supervisors and managers (coaching & team meetings), training departments (pre-work, transfer strategies, optional courses & staff newsletters), faculty and implementation teams (to provide foundational information).  View our webinar for more information.


Adaptive Leadership (10-45 minutes) 

Adaptive LeadershipExplains the difference between adaptive challenges and technical work and provides opportunities to practice applying these concepts. It also covers the practical application of Adaptive Leadership including the major behaviors that will help you address and manage change successfully.


Creating a Learning Culture (5 minutes)

LearningcultureHelping staff grow professionally is a key workforce development strategy. This includes both a comprehensive training infrastructure and promoting a learning culture where continuous learning is encouraged. This 5.5-minute module includes a self-assessment and strategies to promote a learning culture within an agency.


Cultural Identity and Situational Factors (7 minutes)

Diversity Module 1Knowing ourselves helps us to recognize our personal biases and stereotypes and to see the world from the perspective of others.  This short 7-minute module also explores two situational factors that affect our ever-changing sense of cultural identities: saliency and intersectionality.


Cultural Openness (3 minutes)

Diversity Module 2An important dimension of cultural humility is to maintain an openness to cultural differences. This short 3-minute module provides an overview of the ways we can learn from the people with whom we interact, reserving judgment, and bridging the cultural divide between our perspectives. 


Cultural Humility Strategies (1 hour)

Cultural DiversitySupervisors have a key role to play in promoting cultural responsiveness and leveraging diversity. This one-hour module offers concrete strategies to help promote recognition and valuing of cultural differences at the interpersonal and agency level.

Get on the Balcony (3 minutes)

getonbalconyLeadership requires assessing the overall environment which can be done by stepping back to view the patterns, relationships, and context. It's the understanding of the big pictures that separate leadership from management. We know this isn't as easy as it sounds so this provides strategies on how to do it.


Leading Change With Vision (2 minutes)

visionExplains how to develop shared vision statements for change initiatives.



Leading In Permanent Whitewater (8 minutes)


Change is constant in our environment and in child welfare, in particular. Just under 8 minutes, this Quickbit describes the characteristics of permanent whitewater and offers strategies for navigating these rough waters; how people can keep the vision alive and stand in the gap of the creative tension between the vision and reality. 


Your Guide to Holding Steady (3.5 minutes) 

HoldingSteadyThis microlearning (3 1/2 minutes) explains ways to hold steady, one of the seven behaviors of adaptive leadership, during times of change. Completing this course will help participants develop leadership skills in the Leading People and Leading Change domains of NCWWI's Leadership Model (http://bit.ly/1S2Drlp). It also provides strategies that can be used to support community context and organizational environment components of the Workforce Development Framework (http://bit.ly/1VHwWKk).


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