Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Among Child Welfare Workers who Experience a Maltreatment Fatality on Their Caseload

Systemic Reform: Using the Systems of Care Approach

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Systems of Care

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The 21st Century Public Service Workforce: Eight Lessons from the Literature

The Causes and Consequences of Turnover: Research Findings

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The Dawn of Systems Leadership

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The Development, Implementation, and Assessment Approach

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The Importance of Contextual Fit When Implementing Evidence-Based Interventions

The Institutional Analysis: Uncovering Pathways to Improving Public Systems & Interventions for Children and Families

The Permanency Innovations Initiative Approach to Evaluation

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The Power of Stories: Enriching Program Research & Reporting - Brief

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The Role of Assessment in Achieving Cultural Competence

The Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Organizational Change

The Wakanheza Project™ Creating Welcoming Environments

Toward a High Quality Child Welfare Workforce: Six Doable Steps

Tracking and Using Implementation and Outcome Data (W/Tip Sheet)

Transfer of Learning in Child Welfare

Transfer of Learning: NCWWI 1-page Summary

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Addressing the Mental Health of Sexually Abused Children

Trust and Engagement: NCWWI 1-page Summary

Turnover Intention Predictors: NCWWI 1-page Summary

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Twenty Things Supervisors Can Do to Support Workers to Competently Practice with LGBTQ Children, Youth, and Families

Understanding and Addressing Racial/Ethnic Disproportionality in the Front End of the Child Welfare System

Understanding Child Trauma

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Updated Inventory of Evidence-based, Research-based & Promising Practices

Using Child Welfare Administrative Data in the Permanency Innovations Initiative Evaluation

Using Evidence to Accelerate the Safe and Effective Reduction of Congregate Care for Youth Involved with Child Welfare

Using Evidence-Based Constructs to Assess Extent of Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions

What is an Inclusive Culture?

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What is Trauma-Informed Care?

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White Privilege Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh

Why the Workforce Matters Infographic

Willing, Able --> Ready: Basics & Policy Implications of Readiness as Key Component for Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions

Worker Resilience: NCWWI 1-page Summary

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Workforce and Outsourcing Issues Key to Reducing Fatalities: Comments for the CECANF

Workforce Demographics & Job Satisfaction: NCWWI 1-page Summary

Workforce Development in Child Welfare: Summary of Research, State Initatives and Other Innovations

Writing Reports & Telling Success Stories

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