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National Webinar (Featuring CSSP): December 1, 2016
Learning Exchange
 (Featuring Ramsey County MN): December 7, 2016

Tackling racial inequities head on can be challenging, but doing so is critical to building anti-racist organizations, supporting a diverse workforce, and improving the outcomes of children, youth and families served by our nation’s child welfare systems.  

James Baldwin Quote

We hope you can join us for this thought-provoking, dynamic webinar session that will help you and your colleagues understand and apply a racial equity lens to your change efforts in child welfare. Leaders from the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) will discuss their work building an anti-racist organization as well as supporting child welfare agencies towards reducing racial inequities to become more just, fair and reflective of the communities they serve. Presenters will share the following:

  1. The levels and types of racial inequity, including systemic oppression, institutional racism and implicit bias, and how they impact workforce and organizational functioning;
  2. Core staff competencies, training and professional development to support racial equity in child welfare;
  3. Analytical and action frameworks for working to achieve racial equity, including organizational assessment and intervention strategies.

Presenters will highlight how these components have been operationalized at CSSP and in select child welfare agencies, as well as core implementation drivers and relevant tips, tools and lessons learned to help others engage in and advance anti-racist change within their unit, office, division or agency as a whole.

Presenters include Juanita Gallion and Tashira Halyard. For more information, please explore our Presenter Bios.



Handouts and Resources:

December 1st Webinar with Center for the Study of Social Policy:


December 7th Learning Exchange with Ramsey County, MN: