Workforce Development Month

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Celebrated in September each year, Workforce Development Month recognizes child welfare professionals for their work to help families stay together and to protect children from abuse.


Thank you to all those that were able to join us on September 15, 2020 and to our incredible speakers - Robin Leake, Jerry Milner, Victor Sims, Courtney Canova, and Dr. Lakeya Cherry! We are honored that you're in this field with us and hope that you will carry all the messages of appreciation from this week with you as you continue to work on behalf of children, youth, and families. Thank you for all you do!


Do your friends and family really know what you do? If not, we encourage you to share a story with them that shows why you do this heart work and how you support children and families in your community. If we all take the opportunity to explain what we do, and how we are changing our services so families come first, we can engage those around us to help build systems of family support and community-based child protection. You can also add our Facebook Frame to your profile.


This month all our social media posts will be child welfare workforce-related resources and we hope you'll share those resources that you feel would be beneficial to your colleagues/staff/students. Access graphics and pre-written, customizable content to promote workforce development month.


The workforce is a child welfare program's most important asset and a community's link to improved outcomes for children, youth, and families. We encourage child welfare programs to review these highlighted workforce development resources and identify strategies that will lead to the improved health and support of the workforce.


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