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NCWWI develops and hosts workforce development resources for child welfare practitioners, supervisors, managers, leaders, students, faculty, researchers, policymakers and other professionals. Our resources have been organized into 15 different topical categories and subcategories, which can be accessed by clicking on the links below. If you prefer to search our resources by keyword or type, or to search within a particular topical category, simply use the search function below.

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document Alameda County Social Services Agency’s Child Welfare: On the Job Training Manual for Supervisors of New Employees (62 downloads)

This guide offers supervisors a way to complement day-to-day supervision and contains (1) suggest…

pdf Building a Model and Framework for Child Welfare Supervision (55 downloads)

This report presents the findings from an extensive review of the most recent literature combined…

default Changing Supervision Lenses: Zooming in and out (61 downloads)

Effective supervisors must zoom in and out to get the full picture of …

pdf Child Abuse & Neglect User Manual Series: Supervising Child Protective Services Caseworkers (51 downloads)

This manual provides the foundation for effective supervisory practice in child protective servic…

pdf Child Welfare Field Operations Telework Program Handbook (194 downloads) Popular

This handbook provides policies and procedures used by Washington State to operationalize their t…

Download (pdf, 333 KB)
default Child Welfare Information Gateway: Supervising Child Welfare Services (87 downloads)

This section provides resources on many aspects of supervision, including clinical and administra…

default Common Core Curricula for Child Welfare Supervisors (California) (58 downloads)

CalSWEC's in-service training partners deliver the Common Core for Supervisors statewide. New sup…

default Developmental Evaluation Findings from an Online Leadership Program for Child Welfare Supervisors (85 downloads)

This study evaluates a distance learning program designed to build leadership skills for supervis…

default Improving Supervision by Collaboration, Transparency & Accountability: The Impact of Missouri's Supervision Advisory Committee (54 downloads)

This webinar showcases the activities of the Missouri Department of Social Services' Children’s…

pdf Improving Supervision by Collaboration, Transparency & Accountability: The Impact of Missouri's Supervision Advisory Committee (1-page Summary) (130 downloads) Popular

This document summarizes a NCWWI webinar that highlights action steps and strategies taken to org…

default Indiana Supervisor Core Training (47 downloads)

This training prepares new supervisors to practice continuous clinical supervision in order to: d…

pdf Issue Brief: What are preliminary building blocks to strengthen quality supervision? (38 downloads)

Guidance for building quality supervision within child welfare organizations. Identifies building…

Download (pdf, 1.02 MB)
default Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS) Core Curriculum (47 downloads)

Designed for experienced child welfare supervisors, the core curriculu…

default Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS) Take the Lead Series (44 downloads)

The Take the Lead Series supplements the Core LAS Curriculum with short, interactive modules to h…

default Leadership Development Online: Design and Implementation of a Program for Child Welfare Supervisors (43 downloads)

This article describes the Leadership Academy for Supervisors (LAS), a national program to develo…

default Making a Difference #4: Leadership Academy for Supervisors: What We Learned & How We Changed (54 downloads)

This webinar, the final session in the NCWWI 4-part national webinar mini-series, Making a Differ…

default Mind the Gap #8: Prioritizing Supervision - Comprehensive Supervisory Development in Indiana (38 downloads)

The webinar highlights a comprehensive approach to strengthening supervisory practice throughout …

pdf NCWWI Supervision and Performance Management Reference List (42 downloads)

This comprehensive reference list includes a compilation of papers, re…

default Performance Management in Child Welfare (5 minutes) (44 downloads)

The quality of supervision, clear performance expectations and a coher…

pdf Responding to the Child Welfare Workforce Crisis Here and Now: A Constructivist Approach to Understanding Supervision (31 downloads)

This paper describes the process and results of constructivist inquiry designed to answer the gui…