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NCWWI Leadership Model

Adaptive Leadership Assignment 
This 5 part assignment was developed for an organizational practice course for MSW students in the Organization and Community Leadership concentration at Michigan State University’s School of Social Work.  The course (link to syllabus) and this assignment utilize an Adaptive Leadership and Implementation Science framework.  NCWWI micro-learnings and resources have been integrated as resources throughout the assignment to support students as they develop implementable change initiatives. 

Adaptive Leadership eLearning Module for University Partnerships 
This course created for graduate students explains the difference between adaptive challenges and technical work and provides opportunities to practice applying these concepts. It also covers the practical application of Adaptive Leadership including the major behaviors that will help you address and manage change successfully.  Students can be asked to identify a program or policy change within their current field placement and then use the Adaptive Leadership Activity Worksheet to apply the adaptive leadership framework to the change they have identified.

Adaptive Leadership Activity Worksheet Example
This example document was created as a learning aid for students who are using the University Partnerships Adaptive Leadership  eLearning module.

Leadership and Workforce Development Resource List
This document provides a comprehensive list of workforce development and leadership resources that can be adapted for use by social work educators. Developed for the public, private and tribal child welfare workforce, these tools can be inserted into the social work curriculum via existing social work courses, field programs, and continuing education offerings. 

Leadership Competency Model and Framework
This document provides the NCWWI competency framework, which reflects the multi-dimensional nature of the child welfare field and the corresponding complex and diverse body of knowledge and skills. It describes the approach and resource documents used as the basis for the NCWWI competency framework, and, for each competency, offers a definition and a proficiency ladder, with examples for each level.

Leadership Tool Kit Assignments
This document provides examples for how educators can adapt activities in the Learning and Living Leadership Tool Kit for classroom and field education.  

Social Work Leadership in Organizations Syllabus
This course Social Work Leadership in Organizations is organized around the Adaptive Leadership framework and has integrated a number of NCWWI resources into the course content.  The course includes a 5 part assignment that asks students to identify a change initiative in their field placement and then use the Adaptive Leadership framework and Implementation Science to think through the leadership and implementation strategies that would support the change initiative.  The course also utilizes the University Partnership Adaptive Leadership eLearning module. 

Supervision Course Syllabus 
This course on Supervision in Social Services has incorporated the Adaptive Leadership framework includes a final assignment that asks student to define a problem, issue or concern within their field placement or agency and develop an intervention and explore and apply adaptive leadership principles as they relate to the intervention.