This special collection includes course assignments, syllabi, research summaries, online learning modules, discussion guides and other resources to support instructors in higher education who are preparing students for practice in child welfare. 

Many of these resources are prepared for use in social work undergraduate and graduate programs; however, this content was developed with a focus on developing competencies for child welfare practice and thus can be useful across disciplines. NCWWI has a collection of Child Welfare competencies that may be useful in understanding competency-based approaches to preparing students for social work practice.

In addition to the content found in this collection, you will find additional resources in the Curricula and Training Materials compiled in the NCWWI Resource Library. 

Resources are sorted into categories (topics & resource types). Click on each category to access the resources in this collection:

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If there are any resources we can help you find or you have resources to add to this collection, please contact Sharon Kollar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..